Official Trailer for BISPING: THE MICHAEL BISPING STORY Starring UFC Champion Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping is one of the biggest personalities the UFC has ever known and the obstacles he faced to become UFC Middleweight Champion are unmatched. More than once the world of MMA thought Bisping was at the end of his career, and that was before they knew he lost sight in one of his eyes. His perseverance pushed him to fight through circumstances that no other UFC fighter has before. With a pure will to win, Bisping took on Silva, GSP, Belfort, Henderson, and Rockhold – some of the greatest to ever fight in the octagon. Witness the full, behind-the-scenes story of how Bisping not only battled the best to become UFC Champion, but also the personal struggle and unwavering support of his family that propelled him to greatness.

This film features commentary from Vin Diesel, Mickey Rourke, Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White, Joe Rogan, Georges St-Pierre, Tito Ortiz, Bruce Buffer, Dana White, Rashad Evans, and more. The Director of this film is Michael Hamilton (I AM MLK JR.).

Michael Bisping was born on February 28, 1979, he’s a British sports analyst, actor, commentator, and retired mixed martial artist, who competed in the Middleweight and Light Heavyweight division under the UFC banner. He started his professional career in 2004 and is a former UFC Middleweight Champion, a former Cage Rage Light Heavyweight Champion, and The Ultimate Fighter 3 Light Heavyweight tournament winner. At UFC 78, he became the first British fighter to compete in a UFC main event. At UFC 199, he became the first British fighter to win a UFC Championship and he remains the sole British winner of a UFC title. He was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame on 5 July 2019.

BISPING: THE MICHAEL BISPING STORY is a first-hand account of Michael’s rise to fame and stature as one of the top UFC fighters.  With the help of an animation, we get to relive some of the stories Michael has witnessed or participated in that are at times unbelievable, unthinkable, and at the very least very funny and entertaining.  The elephant in the room, however, is will Michael Bisping call it a career and retire? Through the film, we catch up with Michael and his family at their home in California as he goes through the process every athlete must face, the acceptance that ‘father time is undefeated’. The decision to end something you’ve been a part of your whole life isn’t easy, and we will be there to capture the emotion, and reflection that goes into another life-altering experience for Michael Bisping.


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