Olli “The Amazing” Santalahti Amazed By BRAVE CF Strides In Europe

After almost five years of establishing its footprint across the globe, BRAVE Combat Federation is returning to Europe for it’s 51st event on June 4th and making Belarus the seventh European destination and 22nd overall.

Throughout their global expedition, BRAVE CF has grown in popularity amongst the combat sports community and the level of fighters continued to rise. Earlier this year, the promotion welcomed a Finnish blue-chip recruit with an exclusive multi-bout contract to join the stable of number one ranked European fighters, the number one Welterweight and Pound for Pound in Nordic Europe, Olli “The Amazing” Santalahti. 

He became the latest Nordic addition to a stacked roster of European talent with the top fighters of his region under one banner: the number of Middleweight David Jacobsson, number one Welterweight Zvonimir Kralj, and number one Flyweight Abdul Hussein. Santalahti  is admittedly blown away with the promotion’s strategic expansion throughout the content, and the level of fighters

“I can say that BRAVE CF is taking over Europe. The fighters they are getting are high level. Though they originated from the Middle East, I think they are also the top European organization at the moment,” says Santalahti. “BRAVE CF is a high-level organization, and it’s my pleasure to be part of the roster.”  

BRAVE CF has developed from being an upstart mixed martial arts (MMA) organization in 2016 to a combat sports powerhouse, staging 50 shows in 21 different countries–six of which are European nations such as Northern Ireland, England, Sweden and Russia.

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In line with its strategy of building talents from the grassroots level, the Bahrain-based outfit took advantage of venturing into untapped European markets like Slovenia and Romania and developing relationships with local promotions and MMA Federations to foster upcoming talents and develop a global ecosystem for the sport.

Despite the ravaging effects of COVID-19 last year, BRAVE CF remained committed to its mission to empower the European MMA scene by holding four consecutive cards in Sweden during the weekends of August 2020. It made history that year as the only global promotion to hold seven events in a calendar year in the region, doing it under extraordinary circumstances due to the global health crisis.

Last January, the promotion kicked off the year with BRAVE CF 46 in Sochi, Russia and now plans to break new ground on June 4, adding Belarus to the long list of countries that the organization has visited through the years. In association with Rukh Sport Management, BRAVE CF 51: THE FUTURE IS HERE is set to emanate from the state-of-the-art Falcon Club Arena in the Belarusian capital of Minsk.

Though it looks like BRAVE CF has attained a significant stride years after its European debut in Northern Ireland, “The Amazing” believes that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

“To me, this is just the start. I eagerly wait for fighters from other countries in Europe to join BRAVE CF. They did events in Sweden last autumn. Hopefully, they can also come to Finland and hold an event in my home country,” Santalahti stated.

Santalahti, who has a 12-3 professional record with five wins via submission and three by knockout, made his first promotional appearance at BRAVE CF 48: ARABIAN NIGHT this past March with a split decision victory over Lebanon’s Georges Eid, and feels the itch to get back into action.

“I am really hungry to get back in there. My debut happened on days’ notice, but it was an opportunity that’s hard to pass up. Now I am eagerly waiting to showcase my whole skill set because I have so much to offer. When I get back inside the cage, I will surely go for the finish,” he declared.

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