Olympia Fighting Championship debuts tonight at Olympia Event Centre in St. Charles, MO

St. Charles, MO- Tonight will be the debut show for Olympia Fighting Championship. It will be a great night that will highlight the sweet science of boxing. The fifteen-fight card that matchmaker Mike Wood has put together will be action packed. There is another unique wrinkle that you don’t see at many combat sports events and that is a plethora of some of St. Louis’ best up and coming hip hop artists will be performing pre-fight sets as well as headliner Preach will close out the performances during intermission. Plenty of local gyms will have competitors on this card with the likes of St. Charles MMA, The Hit Squad, Too Good Boxing, and many more.

A few bouts have caught my eye with the first two being the female fights both at 125lbs Nicole Mazzuca will take on Alyssa Maldanado and Sydney Bloch will do battle with Kate Lavigne. In doing the research these athletes will be coming to the ring to make a statement and don’t blink because all four have power and speed. Another that has caught my eye is the co-main even main event between Jesse Conway of SCMMA matching up with Daniel Boyer of Twin City/The Danger Room. At 150lbs both fighters will look to sit at bang not backing up. Boyer who mainly has had his hands in MMA and kickboxing will now look to showcase his pure boxing skill.  Conway under the guidance of Mike Rogers and company has technique and footwork couple that with great cardio will make for a great match up. The main event will be at 165lbs. Aaron Lake goes up against Darius Carter. The best way to describe this match up is pure fireworks and explosiveness. Once again both have great power I think this one will come down to who’s technique is better.

Olympia Fight Series is headed up by the Karidis Group International. The promoter for the event is Brian Higginbotham and matchmaker Mike Wood. I had a chance to catch up with Higginbotham this morning to get his thoughts on the first event.

What can fans expect from this first event? “Fans can expect an entire night of high energy entertainment from the hip hop showcase off to the main event of the boxing card, this show was specifically to bring extreme entertainment. There will be no dull moments. Action, fun, and entertainment all night long!”

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I also wanted to know if Olympia Fighting Championship will venture into MMA and Kickboxing? “For now, we are focusing in on boxing. St. Louis is and incredible combat sports city. There are several excellent promotions that provide the platform for MMA and Kickboxing.  While MMA and Kickboxing are minds, we want to excel at bringing high quality boxing events to STL for the foreseeable future. We’re zoned in on tonight’s show for now and this show wait to deliver this show to all fight fans in attendance!”

Tickets are still available at the door.  This will be an all ages show, and tickets are just twenty bucks. Doors open at 6:30

See the full boxing card and hip-hop showcase line up below.


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