One-on-one with CFC 9 fighter Lavelle Miller

Murfreesboro, Tennessee: Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships 9: The Return will take place on Saturday, March 6, 2021, at Middle Tennessee Expo in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

During fight night we will see Lavelle Miller who’s the #5 ranked Super Heavyweight in the CFC. On March 6th at CFC 9 he will be taking on the #2 ranked Super Heavyweight Tim Johnson! It’s going to be a exciting night in Murfreesboro Tennessee!

Roberto: Lavelle thank you for taking the time to talk with us before your big fight at CFC 9 on March 6th. How has training been going in preparation for your fight?

Lavelle: First and foremost, thank you for providing this opportunity to me. Training has been going great. I have been cleaning up a few things and adding more tools to my bag as well. I have great training partners that have pushed me. Some of which, like Jason Longoria and Jaime Vasquez who will be on the card as well. They also will be putting on a show as well.

Roberto: Lavelle you have a long history with the CFC. Going all the way back to CFC 1 where you fought current CFC Super Heavyweight Champion Chase Mcmullen. After sharing the cage with Mcmullen do you feel like it can only get easier from here on out? I mean you’ve already fought the best in the division.

Lavelle: I’m not going to disrespect anyone who I haven’t fought with yet, but I will say beating me means something. I might be 0-2 in the CFC but if you look at my losses, they are to the current champion, who has only had title fights since beating me and Jeremiah Hill who got a title shot after beating me. Like the old saying goes “it’s not how many fights you have been in, its who you fought.”

Roberto: On March 6th you are taking on the #2 ranked Super Heavyweight Tim Johnson. At Tim’s last fight he came up short against the #1 ranked Saigh Mullins. Did you get a chance to see that fight and did you see anything that could possibly help you on March 6th?

Lavelle: Yes, I was able to watch the footage and honestly, I have seen all of Tim’s fights. I started checking out the regional scene before I stepped into the cage the first time. There are things I will be able to take advantage of. However, I am not going to think he is the same fighter that came up short in that bout. Just like I’m not the same fighter I was three years ago. I’m expecting him to be ready to go.

Roberto: Lavelle we have been told you primarily train at a Jiu-Jitsu Academy. Do you look to immediately get Johnson on the ground or would you feel comfortable standing and trading punches with Johnson?

Lavelle: Langston Stevenson is our MMA coach and we have had a few others in the past as well. So, we do a lot more than what is advertised and have for a long time. I can stand and trade with anyone. My coaches and teammates will tell you that as well. I have made the mistake of attempting to get the takedown right away by forcing it. I do not plan on making the same mistake again and he has made sure I can get him out of there with strikes if need be.

Roberto: With so many super heavyweights on the card on March 6th it kinda opens the door for you. If Mullins and Johnson lose, and you come out victorious that could mean a possible title shot next for you. Is that something you think about or are you only focused on beating Tim Johnson?

Lavelle: Beating Tim is my number one focus right now. After I get my hand raised, I will be prepared to accept whatever is next. It will be a good day for the Super Heavyweights and I will have my eye on the new guys.

Roberto: Your career so far has been fought entirely in the CFC. Can you tell us why the CFC has gained such a following in the Tennessee area?

Lavelle: Ivey has done his best to promote all of the guys and gals. That is a huge difference compared to the other promotions. Directly after the date is announced, he is giving praise to all of the fighters on the card and trying to get them to as many interviews as possible. There are no mismatches on the card. If he pairs people up, he believes it could be an instant classic.

Robeeto: Lavelle we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us here at FightBook MMA, is there any loved ones or training partners you would like to thank before we wrap up this interview?

Lavelle: I just want to say thanks to my wife Erin for allowing me to go out and train knowing some nights can be later than others. My coaches Jason Matherley and Langston Stevenson for pushing me, all of my training partners. Also, Ivey for giving me the opportunity and other local fighters in the area.

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