Oumar ‘Reug Reug’ Kane claims first round knockout vs Alain Ngalani in ONE Championship debut

Today’s One Unbreakable II got off to an explosive start that saw Oumar ‘Reug Reug’ Kane defeat Alain Ngalani. The 28 year old Senegalese wrestling champion successfully dismantled the 45 year old Cameroonian in the all-African heavyweight clash.

Although Kane got the job done in the first round and was relatively comfortable – he was probably losing the bout until his wrestling abilities kicked in. In fact, it was Ngalani who scored the early points after landing a flurry of body kicks against Kane. Nonetheless, after Kane finally managed to close the distance, his superior grappling abilities took over to secure the victory.

After driving his opponent to the cage, Kane successfully secured a dominant overhook on his opponent that he managed to turn into an Ouchi Gari inside-trip throw. The result put Ngalani to the floor whilst Kane kept hold of the overhook which meant that Ngalani was effectively anchored to the ground with his arm trapped. At this point, Kane managed to drop a number of hammer fists onto the head of Ngalani who failed to defend correctly. This eventually resulted in the ref having to step in and end the match, giving Kane the knockout victory.

With this done, Ngalani was not pleased and protested that he was the victim of an early stoppage. However, you can only imagine the sheer power coming from the fists of Kane who looked a physical powerhouse in the Octagon. Overall, it was a dominant display for the Senegalese icon who previously spoke about his aspirations of winning the heavyweight ONE title. He was previously scheduled to fight BJJ world champion Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Almeida before opting to fight Ngalani instead. For grappling fans, this would still be a fantastic prospect to see two BJJ and wrestling experts go at it.


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