Pat Miletich joins Pride Rules MMA to clear the air on what really happened at Washington D.C.

We all know that the news came out that Pat Miletich will no longer be commentating for Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA).

He joins the guys over at Pride Rules MMA podcast to talk about what really happened during the recent protests in support of President Donald Trump in Washington D.C. He also gives his prediction for the Holloway vs Kattar fight and talks about his product Black Oxygen ( You can watch the show in the video below.

Pat Miletich stated on his Instagram: “I just want to let you guys know that I just got a call from the folks at the LFA and they basically informed me that they were getting a lot of pressure because I was at the Capitol,” Miletich stated. “I want you guys to know that the people I walked with at the Capitol, none of them that I know of were involved in any of the violence. I walked with white people, Black people, a lot of Chinese people who escaped communist China, who are for freedom. It was across the board it was people of different races, religions.” He continues, “But the LFA was getting a lot of pressure and unfortunately they felt they needed to distance themselves from me, which hey, I understand their position. I love all those guys, Ed [Soares] and Sven [Bean] and Mark [Bieri] and everybody, I love them. But the price of freedom is going to be heavy guys. Me losing my job is part of the pain. Even the people that pressured the LFA to get rid of me, I’m doing my best to fight for your freedom.…I love those guys over at LFA. I understand their position. I will continue to fight for freedom.”

UPDATE (1/13/2021):

Upon publishing this article, Cameron Chrisp, FightBook MMA correspondent, reached out to MMA Fighter Ian Heinisch and Ian stated: “I think it was wrong for him to get fired for peacefully supporting what he believes.” Other fighters have reached out to FightBook MMA, they wanted to remain anonymous but they do agree on what Ian stated.

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