PFL welterweight champ Jon Fitch is a free agent possible Bellator bound

Professional Fighters League (PFL) Welterweight Champion Jon Fitch (30-7-1) stated on Saturday Feb. 3rd that he will no longer be fighting under the PFL’s banner and that he’s a free agent. Fitch also stated that what he wants is to get a deal done with Bellator MMA. If the promotion does sign him this put another high-profile fighter under their roster.

Fitch stated in a video that he posted on Saturday on his YouTube channel:

As of Friday, Feb. 2, I am officially a free agent, I’m in talks with Scott Coker and Bellator right now – hopefully we’ll work something out by the end of this week.

Fitch did state that he will keep us updated on a future post on his YouTube channel and give us details on why he left Professional Fighters League (PFL).

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