Poirier vs McGregor 2 – UFC 257

Poirier vs McGregor 2 – UFC 257

Back in 2014, rising UFC stars – Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier – met for the first time in Las Vegas looking to pave their respective ways to a world championship. Both have since become superstars of the sport with Poirier winning an interim lightweight crown and McGregor has won world titles in two weight classes.

The two meet again on Saturday, January 23 2021, with Poirier looking for revenge over McGregor for his 2014 second round TKO, the first time he was stopped by strikes, one of only 6 career losses. The top online betting sites in NJ have McGregor as -250 outright favorite to dust Poirier, however, there is a feeling the two could be better matched this time.

The tale of the tape

McGregor demolished Poirier in less-than-120 seconds in that featherweight contest in 2014, however, as per their nicknames, The Notorious and The Diamond have both enjoyed superb UFC careers since.

The fighters are two of the best strikers in the business, although McGregor’s rise to the top has shone brighter. However, don’t let the fighters profile fool you. Poirier is a better fighter than many believe and has the capacity to go toe-to-toe with McGregor; the stats back that up.

McGregor’s connects with 5.43 strikes per minute on average at 50% accuracy, absorbs 4.18 strikes per minute with a 54% defense rating. Porier’s stats are almost identical at 5.57, 49%, 4.40, and 55% across those same categories.

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However, the difference is in the power of the two men’s blows. McGregor carries knockout power in all his limbs. McGregor’s 19 knockouts in his 22 wins account for 86% of his victories. Overall, its advantage McGregor in the power department, with Poirier’s 12 knockouts in his 26 career bouts making up for 46% of his victories.

However, it’s not all about power. If Poirier can force McGregor into a grappling contest, he is the more proficient of the two fighters at submissions, winning 7 of 26 wins by submission, to McGregor’s one.

McGregor will look to stay on his feet and Poirier will look to get down-and-dirty.

The Prediction

A McGregor stoppage feels like the probable outcome, but don’t expect him to have it all his way. Getting down to 155 pounds has been a struggle and McGregor’s power may have diminished. The Irishman should win, however, expect a few surprises from Poirier.


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