Police bodycam footage details Jon Jones’ troubling arrest


Yesterday afternoon, details began filtering through about the latest arrest of current UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon ‘Bones’ Jones. The 32-year-old was arrested in the early hours of Thursday morning in Albuquerque, New Mexico – for DWI (driving while intoxicated), negligent use of a firearm, possessing an open container (Recuerdo), and failure to provide proof of insurance for the Jeep he was operating.

Officers initially responded to reports of gunshots in the Albuquerque area, with Jones reiterating he wasn’t aware of the alleged discharge. Upon inspection, a handgun was discovered under the driver’s seat of the Jeep, with a round casing found beside the vehicle, matching the calibre of the firearm.

Jones was released from police custody after “performing poorly” in field sobriety tests, and after providing a breathalyzer test which clocked in twice above the legal limit. The New York native is scheduled to appear at a hearing on April 8th. On Friday afternoon, bodycam footage from officer Brian Johnson was released which shows Jones cooperating with officer Johnson regarding the field sobriety tests. When asked multiple times to carry out the initial sobriety test, Jones explained how he had, “ADD” (attention deficit disorder), and how “I get punched in the head for a living“.

The two-time light heavyweight gold-holder also told how he had short term memory problems. “My memory is always – my short term memory is really bad. People don’t know that about me but it’s really bad. It’s really bad.” During a test in which Jones was instructed to count backwards from the number forty-seven to thirty-two, Jones told to officer Johnson, that, “My daughter’s dyslexic” when he counted from forty-five to forty-three. The Jackson-Wink MMA mainstay was then asked to recite the alphabet, starting at the letter ‘E’ for Edward, and ending at the letter ‘P’ for Paul.

When questioned by officer Johnson, as to why he was driving, Jones explained; “I got stir crazy,” Jones said. “I got pulled over just being nice, being nice to the homeless people. I literally got stir crazy. I just wanted to have a drive. This is my first drive in two weeks. And I saw these homeless guys, I was being nice to them, having conversations with them, treating them like humans.

Jones was then handcuffed by officer Johnson, cooperating throughout. The 32-year-old can be heard in an emotional state as he’s placed into the back of the Albuquerque Police Department cruiser, as he asks officer Johnson, “If it’s not too much, could you roll down the window?” to which Johnson replies, “Of course“.

This most recent law infringement follows two prior driving offences for Jones. The look-see-do fighter crashed his Bentley Continental GT into a telephone pole in New York and was arrested after he was found to be operating the motor vehicle while under the influence. Jones was also involved in a hit-and-run incident involving a pregnant woman back in 2015. Jones later turned himself in after an arrest warrant was filed. It was reported that Jones initially ran from the scene before returning to the vehicle to retrieve a sum of money.

Jones most recently appeared in the Octagon back in February, taking a close decision victory over Dominick Cruz in the main event of UFC 247.



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