Professional Fighters League Enters Multi-year Deal With Century Martial Arts As Official Striking Equipment Partner

NEW YORK – The Professional Fighters League (PFL), the fastest growing and most innovative sports league, today announced a multi-year partnership with Century Martial Arts, World Leader in Martial Arts, to be the official striking equipment partner of the PFL. The deal kicks off in February with the 2022 PFL Challenger Series, which will be streamed on fubo Sports Network, and spans through December, 2025. Century will supply co-branded PFL fight gloves for use at all PFL events.
Century Martial Arts will provide PFL athletes access to Century-branded training facilities during each PFL event week, beginning with the Regular Season.
“The Professional Fighters League is proud to partner with Century Martial Arts which will debut at our first PFL Challenger Series event in February and streamed exclusively on fubo Sports Network,” said PFL CRO Jon Tuck. “On the heels of a successful year for the PFL, we look forward to continuing the momentum and lift the sport of MMA to new heights in 2022.”
“As a company of martial artists, we see the transformative power of martial arts first-hand. We are deeply committed to the growth of the industry,” says Century Founder and CEO L. Michael Dillard. “Growth begins with supporting the gyms, coaches, athletes, and promotions who help dreams become a reality. We are excited to bring our martial arts heritage and innovation to the PFL with the integration of their fight metric devices into the fight gloves.”


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