Pros and Cons of Fighting MMA Club While in College

MMA is an abbreviation of Mixed Martial Arts, which dates back to ancient Greece and is quite controversial as a sport. MMA is a mixed form of grappling and bashing. The first MMA tournament – UFC – was held to demonstrate what each style of martial art is capable of and which style of them would be victorious if a fight breaks out. 

Hi, I’m Anna. A freelance writer, taking immense interest in Martial Arts, Education, and Course Taker. In this article, I would discuss why not and why you should Fight MMA Club while in college. So, without further ado, let’s start.


MMA was meant as a defensive strategy. Fight or flight is not just a simple expression. While anyone can take flight when danger perils, it takes a lot of courage to stay and fight. Even if it’s not the wisest of decisions. 

1. Self Defence:

The utmost objective of MMA is self-defense. Whether you are male or female, there might arise a situation where you need to defend yourself physically. With proper MMA training in college, you’ll always be ready to take on every threat presented to you. 

Why only you! Our basic instinct drives us to help the ones who are in crisis. Having MMA training only helps keep everyone around you safe.

2. Discipline and Self Growth:

It’s no surprise that you need to train regularly to master MMA while in college. Participating in the MMA club is the first step. Staying disciplined, keeping regular track of progress, promoting self-growth and confidence are the additional mandatory actions you need to take for yourself. While being in an MMA club, you grow out of your immaturity and learn to discipline yourself.

MMA is a game of cumulative efforts, you can literally feel yourself being able to progress every day. Without regular practice, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever be able to even hit a fly.

3. Physical Combat and Awareness:

No MMA club teaches you to be hostile towards the weak. As it’s only meant to be a self-defence strategy, it’s taught like that only. You are trained to not harm a single soul physically without immediate risk. By teaching you to hurt, MMA clubs introduce the science of injuries on your body and makes you learn when and where MMA shouldn’t be used. It’s not surprising to see MMA applications by college students being more severe on people not trained to face it.

4. Participation:

Just like your music class, the MMA club is also a place to socialize with like-minded people and even fight them when an opportunity arises. And who could deny the fact that they always wanted to punch their best friend?

MMA is all about participation. You are not expected to earn the championship title just after a year of MMA practice, but participation is what matters. 


Not every MMA fighter is born the same way. While learning the way of life through MMA, some lose track and wander away into the uncertain future taking MMA as an offensive tool.

1. Youth Negativity:

Without sensible coaching, MMA Clubs can become a breeding ground for young offenders too quickly. It’s no surprise that many MMA Fight students often find themselves in a puddle of trouble looking for a way to get out of there. MMA fights are only considered a sport and shouldn’t ever be exploited to bully someone.

2. Repeated Blow and Brain Trauma:

MMA is the ultimate physical sport, promoting injuries and neck cracking. It’s only natural to sustain head blows while training for MMA. While MMA fighters often get to observe a whole harsher rule of fighting than orthodox western boxing, the MMA fights are executed with better safety gears.  It’s still in research if long term brain trauma is developed with repeated blows.

3. Misusing and Wrongdoings:

Thanks to Hollywood and movies. MMA now is believed to be an underground, violent, sport of betting. But that’s only considered a misdirection of training when it happens. With traditional guidance and training, MMA clubs only teach fighters to defend themselves or others from harming themselves. In the rare case of MMA fighters using their talent to harm others, they only inflict damage to each other. It’s only logical to think that they would’ve become an assaulter even without the training.

The Bottom Line:

As a student, you should certainly fight MMA Club while in college. The only way you should keep yourself out of MMA is by having brain trauma or joint pains. MMA is as safe as any other sports students take part in while in college and as with any sport, the risk of injuries is omnipresent. If you are looking for an action sport that can channel your energy towards more critical things and make you stay focused on your studies, MMA is the way to go.

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