Quero leaves a touching message ahead of Brave 14

Arnold Quero will make his appearance in Brave Combat Federation for the second time on 18th August at Tangier, Morocco. He will fight a high profile bout against the Brazilian bantamweight sensation, Felipe Efrain. Efrain has fought 16 fights in his professional career with a record of 12-3-0 and 1 No-contest. The fight marks the return of Efrain after his first loss in the promotion. While for Quero, the fight is key as he had dedicated the outcome to his ancestors who are of origins in Congo.

While the animosity between the athletes are on the rise Quero took an alternate route and left a message that had caught the attention of the MMA world. Quero had received increased public support ahead of the bout with even the first female mixed martial artist from Morocco and Olympian, Rizlen Zouak voicing out her support to the bantamweight fighter ahead of his bout. Quero had received overwhelming support from French and Algerian mixed martial artists ahead of the first global mixed martial arts hosted in the continent of Africa. The message directed to his opponent and fans is as follows.

“I love this adrenaline, I love this fear of the unknown, I love this stress control, I love the man who is standing in front of me in combat, Yes, I love my opponent because he always pushes the best out of me. I draw my strength in the love and acceptance because it is the strongest feeling that will last even after death. These were what my father had told me. My thoughts, mind and heart is focused for the 18th August in Morocco”, stated Quero.

Sitting Ringside Ep. #47