Randy McCarty – “I want to stop this man” at SWB8

Las Cruces, New Mexico – American Fight League will host Southwest Brawl 8 at the Las Cruces Convention Center on Saturday, June 30 at 6 p.m. for local mixed martial arts (MMA) fans.

The AFL has a new operation called, “Fight for a Cause,” and they will continue to work with Team Mia to help support the Ojeda family as their daughter Mia Ojeda continues her battle with cancer. AFL has also partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters Mountain Region for the event. To read more about this cause you can go here.

Randy McCarty is top ranked in the New Mexico Pro Middleweights and he will be taking on Chris Leyva at Southwest Brawl 8. But before he steps in the cage on June 30th he sat down with FightBookMMA.

Randy my man we meet again, thank you for taking the time to talk to me out of your busy schedule.

So you lost your last fight at Southwest Brawl 7 and your back in the cage to fight at Southwest Brawl 8, anything different you are doing at this training camp from the last one?

I am working on the fundamentals still, I got caught and he capitalized on it, (last fight) I have a new team at Briggs MMA. Jesse is keeping me well-rounded and ready for all aspects of this fight.

That’s awesome so what do you know about your next opponent?

Chris Leyva is a veteran of MMA that always puts on a good show. He doesn’t seem to be afraid to stand in the pocket and fight. His last fight(I believe) was 3 years ago, at 155. We are fighting at 185.

What can we expect at SWB 8?

A stoppage… I can and will go all 3 rounds but I want to stop this man. I will be disappointed in my performance if I don’t stop him.

Anything you would like to tell your opponent before you face him in the cage?

Lets have fun and entertain this crowd.

Randy I like to ask three rapid questions when I interview fighters.

1.) What is your favorite music?

Pettidee – I’m a Vet

Johnny Cash- Hurt

2.) What is your favorite food?


3.) You can’t go wrong with Tacos. Who is your celebrity crush and why?

Don’t have one. (laughs) sorry, but other than fighters I’m kinda out of the loop with celebrities.

Nothing wrong with that Randy. The last time we talked I asked you this question, how does it feel fighting in your hometown and are there any added pressure coming into this fight?

I love fighting… home or not, no real pressure being at home, all the pressure is in my head, I get that out and have fun… no matter what.

Do you have any other fights coming up because I know you like to fight?

I have 1 more contacted fight with AFL this year, I’m looking and hoping to find some boxing matches, and at least 2 more MMA this year.

What are your plans after this fight, continue fighting in the local scene?

I’ll gladly fight anywhere

Any other goals you want to carry out this year either in life or in MMA?

In life, I want my relationships with my daughter’s to grow and flourish. I’m also engaged, so that relationship needs to keep going forward as well.

That’s awesome to hear and congratulations on your engagement. Randy thanks again for taking the time to talk to me. Lets talk again either after this fight or before your next one.

Are there any sponsors or anyone you want to shout out the floor is yours?

Thank you #fightbookmma for allowing me to talk about my fights.

Rick Vasquez/Jesse Briggs (#briggsmma) for always working with me and helping me improve.

#fightready and Anthony Rozema for all the sparring and high quality work you have given me.

#LaNuevaCasitaCafe #TimelessTranquility #PrecisionFitness #KrentzRanch #esolutionscontracting #CarlosCadena #teamMIA #bigbrothersbigsisters

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