Report: Dana White rips illegal streamers ahead of UFC 257

With UFC 257 on the horizon, with former champion and box-office draw Conor Mcgregor taking on fellow lightweight contender Dustin Poirier, the event is expected to be a massive success due to not only McGregor’s star-power but the competitiveness of his upcoming bout. With that said, with illegal streaming continuing to float around, UFC president Dana White commented on those who host such streaming services, stating, “I look forward to the crying and the begging.”

White gave an interview with the TheMacLife on wanting to expose the very individuals who’ve been hosting UFC events. While acknowledging not every streaming host can get caught, White states that he intends to catch a few.

“We’ve been one of the leagues that has been so proactive on piracy,” White stated via TheMacLife. “I love how cool and tough these guys act on social media because let me tell you what, we’ve caught a lot of people. Let me tell you what they do: They cry. They cry, and they beg not to be prosecuted and all this other stuff.”

“They’re going to be out there, and we’re not trying to get rid of all of them. I just want to catch a few. That’s all I’m looking for.”

With that said, it’s interesting to say the least where illegal streaming options will stand on the night of UFC 257.


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