Richie Santiago Brings “A Nice Big W To My Win Column”: CES Champ Blaine Shutt

CES flyweight champ Blaine “The Shutdown” Shutt spoke with FightBook MMA before he defends his crown against challenger Richie “Suave” Santiago in the main event of CES 61 on April 24 in Lincoln, R.I., LIVE on UFC Fight Pass.

Why do you think Richie Santiago was calling for this fight?

I’m the champ; everyone should be calling me out.

Was it a mistake on Richie’s behalf to lobby so hard for this bout, do you think?

I didn’t even know he said anything, but from what I know, with him being hometown and CES’s boy, who else would it of been?

Has Richie fought anyone like you?

Even if you’ve fought me, you’ve never fought anyone like me. I’m a different fighter every time I step in the cage I have a million game plans I’m able to adapt and change at will. And it’s all starting to come together for me, which makes me a extremely dangerous fighter for anyone.

What does Richie bring to the table?

A nice big W in my win column.

What’s the most likely outcome for this fight?

It’s not gonna be easy but I’m def looking for a finish. And after this fight if I don’t get a Contender Series call or big show invite I would like to challenge for the bantamweight belt and become the CES champ-champ.

How’s it going to feel to defend your belt, and what would you like to accomplish in 2020?

I’m excited to defend; it’s all part of the process to get to the next level and 2020 is gonna be a busy year for me, as I’ll look to get the call.

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