Rolando Dy recalls “crazy few days” with visa drama, vows to “kill Serbia’s best in his own hometown”

Mixed Martial Arts is a tough task in itself, with multiple disciplines to be mastered, the amount of mental strength, and the level of fitness and athleticism required to compete professionally. In addition to all the challenges already included in the sport itself, Rolando Dy faced a highly-demanding undertaking in the days prior to his BRAVE CF 56 main event fight against Slobodan Maksimovic.

Due to recent changes in protocols for travelers arriving in Serbia, Dy, who’s a national and resident of the Philippines, had to travel all the way to the United Arab Emirates in order to finalize his visa. He recalled the rollercoaster he lived through.

“It was a crazy few days, but it was fun too. Because of last-minute changes to protocols, I had to go to Dubai, drive to Abu Dhabi, get my visa there, go back to Dubai and then fly out here. I’m very thankful for BRAVE CF for providing me with the help to get it done. Super happy to be here, and I’m in the best shape of my life. I will kill Serbia’s best in his own hometown”, Rolando said.

Now having arrived in Serbia, and apparently with an extra motivation boost due to the recent events, Rolando Dy turns his focus solely to one of the biggest fights of his career, against Slobodan Maksimovic at BRAVE CF 56, on December 18, in Belgrade.

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