Rose Namajunas Teaming up with Hotsuit x Everlast for this UFC

If you are a UFC fan, you must definitely know Rose Namajunas.

She is better known as Thug Rose in the UFC octagon, and held the straw weight championship for some time and is about to claim that championship again very soon.

This time around she will be backed by some of the most premium gear out there that will assist her in her endeavors of getting the title back.

Namajunas had a tough time in 2020, like most people. She had a challenging fight with Jessica Andrade, which she also won, but she also had to deal with the loss of her grandfather passing away.

According to her, she has had to jump many obstacles in life to be at the point where she is now – to be known as Thug Rose.

Time and time again we have seen that she is one of most fierce and resilient women out there, especially when she enters the octagon.

For this year’s UFC, Thug Rose has partnered up with Hotsuit and Everlast.

Hotsuit is one of the leading brands out there to design athleisure wear and sauna suits using high end technology. These guys are always coming up with new and sophisticated ways to make your workout better and make you sweat harder.

Hotsuit sweat tech innovation has yet again come back with a new set of sauna suits, especially for professional fighters. These sauna suits aim to for efficient weight cutting and also maximize perspiration.

These futuristic looking sweatsuits have a honeycomb pattern all over that serves a very important purpose. It is to ensure the UFC fighters don’t get too heated up when they are in the middle of a fight, because the design ensures the heat to be distributed evenly all over the body.

More importantly, the sauna suits combat the production of bacteria because of the element of graphene that is incorporated into these sauna suits. Graphene, by nature, is inherently bacteriostatic.

This basically means that professional fighters can be as comfortable as ever no matter how intense their fights get.

Hotsuit is co-branding this product with Everlast, which is a century old brand and has an inseparable relationship with MMA fighting.

You may have heard of Everlast again and again, as they are considered to be synonymous with MMA.

They have been responsible for gearing some of the biggest champions of UFC such Jack Dempsey.  In 1917 Dempsey was wearing an exclusive set of helmet and gloves with which he won the championship.

Everlast is back again, stronger than ever, and have major plans for Thug Rose for her future UFC fights.

Namajunas claims that the partnership will allow UFC and MMA enthusiasts around the world to experience the thrill of fighting with these, one of a kind, sauna suits.


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