Said Maalem claims Fakhreddine isn’t the most famous Arab fighter anymore: ‘He resents me’

BRAVE CF 57 will be the final stage of one of the biggest rivalries in Arab MMA history. And the bad blood between Mohammad Fakhreddine and Mohamed Said Maalem is already spilling over once more. ”The Latest”has recently claimed Maalem has ”mental problems” if he thinks he’s the champion, and Said is now firing back. The Algerian man has stated that Fakhreddine ”resents the fact that now I’m more famous than him”.

The rivalry began when the two men were supposed to meet for the vacant Light Heavyweight championship of the world at BRAVE CF 50 – the bout didn’t happen due to Fakhreddine falling ill hours before the show. Then, the trash talk exchanged between them ramped up when they finally met at BRAVE CF 52.

Initially, Said Maalem came out as the winner by first-round TKO and capturing the Light Heavyweight world title. However, the result was overturned when the Italian Commission found that illegal blows by the Algerian were part of his win. Even after the overturn, Said Maalem became a legendary figure in the Algerian and MENA MMA community, and is now a famous sportsman in his native country and beyond, carrying himself as the current world champion. 

Said Maalem has spoken out on Fakhreddine’s criticism of him acting as the champion even though officially he lost the title due to the Italian Commission’s decision to overturn the result of their first bout. ”L’Ambiance” has also claimed that Fakhreddine is trying to grab back the media’s attention and that is why he’s speaking about him having mental problems.

”I think he says these things about me to get media attention. I feel as if he resents the fact that I am more famous than him now. Before, people would be all over social media in support of him and he would feed that feeling. Now I have my people, my fans there without me even saying anything”.

”Fakhreddine plays the victim, of course I am the champion. Since he got in the cage with me the first time, in Italy, from the moment he stared me down, things changed. It was clear to me he was faking it.”, explained Said Maalem.

BRAVE CF 57 goes down on March 11th, with the bad blood rematch between Fakhreddine and Said Maalem taking place as the co-main event. The show will be a part of the BRAVE International Combat Week, which will also feature the first-ever edition of the MMA Super Cup, the largest amateur competition in mixed martial arts.


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