SCUFFLE COMBAT announces key partnerships ahead of SCUFFLE SEARCH

JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng Scuffle Combat, in association with Netflix, is pleased to announce partnerships with Painted Story Productions, Brave Combat Federation, Elements Cine Productions and Scuffle Media. These esteemed partners will co-operate with Scuffle Combat to bring the docu-reality series, Scuffle Search, to the world stage.

Elements Cine Productions is an award winning film and content producer based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Since 2008, Elements has been creating films, TV programs, broadcast content and servicing production across the region through crew and kit hire from its hubs in the Gulf, North Africa and the UK. Chaker Ben Yahmed, the co-founder of Elements, states that, “Coming from North Africa, I feel exceptionally elated to be going back to filming on the continent.  The show promises lots of drama and competition. I feel that the human element that will come out behind the scenes and in the show is something that will differentiate it and is important to see in MMA.”

Painted Story Productions is a renowned producer of content for film, television, digital media, corporate and special events. Since 2010, their production team has collaborated on a global scale with some of the most renowned film production houses, studios, and brands. Producer, Jarrod de Jong, had this to say about the project, “Scuffle Search is not just a show about fighting – it’s far more than that. It’s educational, contemplative and actually quite tender in places.”

Scuffle Media is a specialized team of passionate storytellers with experience ranging from script writing, content creation, end-to-end production and series production across more than 350 million homes globally. Scuffle Media has also produced a multitude of weekly television shows as well as globally distributed events on the African continent. The founder, Jason van Schalkwyk, says that “we saw a gap in building MMA amateurs into the professional ranks, keeping them active and at the same time marketing to global promotions. Scuffle Search is the delivery of this.”

Scuffle Combat is proud to be in partnership with the abovementioned brands and is excited to present Scuffle Search to a global audience.

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