Scuffle Of Life Album Punches All The Right Notes

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – The new Scuffle of Life album, by hot and heavy rapper, Lazarus is on the cyber music streets. From Spotify to iTunes, the project collaboration with Scuffle Talent Management is a world-class soundtrack produced as an ode to the fighting spirit.

Scuffle is the first MMA promotion to collaborate with a musical artist and boast massive talent under its creative banner. Jason Van Schalkwyk, the CEO of Scuffle, whose top picks are ‘Champion’ and ‘Coming Home’, shared his thoughts on the album. “We’re really excited about the launch of the album and what it means for the collaboration with Lazarus and the launch of Scuffle Talent Management.”

Not only is the album set to feature in the forthcoming MMA docu-reality series, Scuffle Search, it is also a musical biography of the fighters signed to Scuffle Sports Management. The music in the album documents and captures real-time fighters that have turned pro and are crushing it in the cages of MMA around the world.

The track, ‘One’, is an autobiography of Nkosi Ndebele’s life. Nkosi, who goes by the nickname, The Future, is a South African fighter with roots in Zimbabwe. His story begins in the heart of Johannesburg where he fought his way from bullies in the streets to equals in the mat. “From kasi to the kingdom”, Nkosi’s path to success happened in one fell swoop as he won a fighting contest and began fighting pro with the best of them in Brazil and Bahrain.

Mohamed Fakkhredine from Lebanon is another Scuffle fighter referenced on the album through the song ‘Down’. He is well known in the Middle East for his Desert Force double championship title. With lyrics that go, “from the fire to the cage”, Lazarus captures Fakhreddine’s never-say die spirit as he fought his way to carry his family out of their burning house and the resilience it took to come back to the cage in the wake of the Lebanon explosion to win his first Brave CF title. He has since gone on to become a double champ for a second time. Showing the absolute fighting spirit of the man.

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Lazarus’ talent is undisputed, and Scuffle Talent Management puts its full weight behind him as he takes the world by storm.


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