Sergio “The Savage” da Silva: “I’m just relentless!”

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Before Sergio “The Savage” da Silva returns to action against Walter Cotito-Smith at CES New York on Friday night in Westbury, N.Y., the Queens fighter sat down with Fightbook MMA.

How did you find MMA in the first place?

I’ve trained since I was four years old. I started with taekwondo and I’ve played sports my entire life. I got into MMA through my friend Jared Gordon, who’s in the UFC. I started boxing in a local gym when I was done with high school sports. I met Jared and at the time he was an amateur champion and now he’s my best friend. I started training boxing there with my background in taekwondo and judo, this was before I even trained jiujitsu. I saw his fights while he was an amateur champion. (Laughs) I always messed with him, “if this idiot can do, so can I.”

Why do they call you The Savage?

I’m just relentless, man. No matter what. Any size, any weight – I know it might sound cliché, but I’ve fought the best of the best, regionally. The best guys went on to the UFC. There’s no stopping me, I never turn a fight down.

How excited are you for this fight?

I’m very excited. I feel like it’s a new beginning to be a part of this new promotion, CES. I hear nothing but great things about them. Everyone who’s fought for them says great things about Jimmy Burchfield and Pat Sullivan and everyone else at CES. They’ve been trying to get me onto a Rhode Island show, but it’s never worked out. It was a no-brainer when they came to New York and reached out to me and they asked if I was interested in being a home-town guy. I train in Long Island, so to fight in Long Island or New York is very special to me.

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