SFT FIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP 1 Fight Card With Three Belts On The Line

The municipality of Imperatriz, in the interior of the State of Maranhão, will be very busy next Saturday (April 16th) with the first edition of the SFT FIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP, an event that is being organized by the coach and fighter, Edson Senegal. The event will be held at the Frei Gil Sports Gym and will feature MMA fights, K1 and BOXING.

In the main fight of the night, there will be a fight for the organization’s inaugural belt, in MMA in a fight valid for the flyweight division, Weberth Araújo de Imperatriz will face Renan Pipoca from Pará.

Two more MMA fights for the belt are planned, between Josean Pezão de Imperatriz and Mayco Kevinho from the state of Pará, a fight valid for the category up to 84kG, the other fight will be between José GPS de Imperatriz and Eduardo Twister also from the state of Pará, fight valid for the category up to 70kg.

Check out the full SFT Fight Championship 1 card below: Weberth Araújo vs. Renan Pipoca:

AMATEUR boxing
Up to 52kg :Maline x Karleane
Up to 75kg : Wallace vs Thayle
Up to 70kg : Benjamin vs Akylos

Up to 93.5kg : Zezão xJunior
Up to 77kg : Nilmar vs Lucas
Up to 66kg : Jefferson vs Victor
Up to 120kg : Sérgio x Marreta
Up to 55kg : William vs Franklin
Up to 57kg : Tadashi x Fighting Dog
Up to 70kg : Elson x Playboy

Up to 61kg : Rian Sousa vs Pedro Lucas
Up to 70kg : José GPS vs Eduardo Twister
Up to 84kg : Josean Pezão vs Mayco Kevinho
Up to 57kg : Weberth Araújo vs Renan Pipoca

SFT Fight Championship 1st edition

April 16, 2022

Frei Gil Sports Gym

Empress, Maranhao, Brazil

Event scheduled to start at 7pm.

More information on the event’s Instagram; @sft_championship


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