SFT MMA 2020 Male Awards announced: Undefeated Manoel “Manumito” Sousa named Fighter of the Year

SAO PAULO, Brazil – SFT MMA (Standout Fighting Tournament) middleweight champion Irwing “King Kong” Machado won the most 2020 SFT awards, however, undefeated lightweight Manoel “Manumito” Sousa was named its Fighter of the Year. 

SFT Tournament) is the only Brazil-based MMA promotional company to have a panel of mixed-martial-arts experts, as opposed to a popularity vote, select its annual winners. 

“Under challenging conditions due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and protocols,” SFT president David Hudson said, “many of our male fighters excelled and boosted SFT’s stock in mixed martial arts. Manoel Sousa is a rising star, and Irwing ‘King Kong’ Machado shocked the MMA world, Joshua DaSilveira and Reginaldo “Geraldo” Junior established themselves. And the SFT stable is only getting stronger with these award-winning fighters, plus the likes of Rene “Soldado” PassaoCleber SousaEduard “Camelo” RamonMarco “God of War” Andrade, and many others. Considering everything, SFT had a great year.” 

The 23-year-old Sousa (6-0-0, SFT: 6-0-0) is a homegrown fighter whose entire pro career has been fighting in SFT. In 2020, Sousa stopped 6-1-0 Vandirson Alvea halfway through the opening round at SFT 21, and he submitted 10-2-0 Estabili Amato in round two of SFT 24

“King Kong” Machado (16-6-2 SFT:1-0-0) won the SFT middleweight crown at SFT 20 with a fifth-round knockout via punches of Rene “Soldado” Passao in the Fight of the Year, which also earned Machado the Performance of the Year Award. 

SFT MMA middleweight champion Irwing “King Kong” Machado 

The Knockout of the Year was delivered at SFT 23 by light heavyweight Joshua DaSilveira (3-0-0, SFT: 1-0-0), when he unloaded a perfectly placed kick to the head of Cody Rolling in round one. 

Joshua DaSilveira Welterweight

Reginaldo “Geraldo” Junior (2-0-0, SFT: 1-0-0) used a triangle choke in the second round on Julio Spadaccini at SFT 20 to earn him the Submission of the Year Award. 

Reginaldo “Geraldo” Junior  


Fighter of the Year: Manoel “Manumito” SousaHonorable Mentíon: Irwing “King Kong” Machado and Cleber Sousa 

Fight of the Year: Irwing “King Kong” Machado vs. Rene “Soldado” Passao (SFT 20)Honorable Mention: Cleber Sousa vs. Eduardo “Camelo” Ramon (SFT 26) and Marciano Ferreira vs. Eduardo “Duda” Chaves (SFT 21) 

Performance of the Year: Irwing “King Kong” Machado (SFT 20)Honorable Mention: Acacio Pequeno (SFT 26) and Bruno Gafanboto (SFT 25) 

Knockout of the Year: Joshua DaSilveira (SFT 23)Honorable Mention: Manuel Sousa (SFT 21) and Irwin “King Kong” Machado (SFT 20) 

Submission of the Year: Reginaldo “Geraldo” Junior (SFT 20)Honorable Mention: Marco “God of War” Andrade (SFT 25) and Joao Alicate (SFT 24)


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