South Korea to host Road to BRAVE event in January 2022

BRAVE Combat Federation, the premier Mixed Martial Arts organization founded in the Kingdom of Bahrain, keeps extending its footprints throughout the world. The next step confirmed by the promotion is that South Korea will be hosting a Road to BRAVE event in the early days of 2022.

Road to BRAVE is a series of events held in regional markets with the intention of fomenting the MMA scene locally and showcasing the best talent to the global market, scouting potential future stars for BRAVE Combat Federation.

Road to BRAVE: South Korea will be held on January 8, 2022, by Beast Championship Federation. A few selected winners will be on the spotlight, being granted a spot in a future BRAVE CF international card.

South Korea is the latest addition to the growing list of countries having their own Road to BRAVE series of events, which includes the likes of Colombia, Serbia, and the recently announced India.

Such initiatives, once again, reinforce BRAVE Combat Federation’s commitment to the development of the sport of Mixed Martial Arts worldwide, from the grassroot level to the heights of global MMA, opening the door to young MMA talents around the world


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