Southwest MMA Series 28 official results and recap

FightBook MMA has your official results for Southwest MMA Series 28.

The event is taking place on Saturday, June 8, 2019 at the Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Below you can find the official results.

In the main event we will see Jess Martinez taking on Josh “Super Glue” Altman. As they say, “Someone’s ‘O’ has got to go.” In the main event of the amateur card we will see Rakim Thorpe take on Jeremy Alba.

Southwest MMA Series 28 Fight Card:

Pro Main Event:

145lbs. Jess Martinez (Luttrell/Yee MMA, Santa Fe Fitness and Martial Arts) vs. Josh Altum (Texas Striking Academy/W4R Training Center

The crowd goes wild for the local fighter in Jess. They start the fight quick connecting with their strikes. With all the exchanges these warriors are throwing Jess connects with an elbow that cut Josh on top of his left eyebrow. What an exciting first round. The second round picked up where the first ended. Again, Jess cuts Josh’s right eyebrow. They continue to exchange blows. Jess takes down Josh to the mat ending up on top control at Josh’s corner. Jess is using his ground and pound but Josh is able to defend most of the blows to avoid unnecessary damage. Josh is able to cut Jess as well with one of the elbows hes throwing from the bottom. The third round we saw the same, ACTION. Josh is able to take Jess down but Jess using his slick Bjj he ends up on top of Josh’s guard. They scramble looking for position as the ref is warning them that he will stand them if either of them aren’t busy. The ref stands them up and the action continues. They clinch and Jess takes Josh down. Hes using his ground and pound and the crowd chanting his name. The round ends. Jess defeats Josh by unanimous decision.


Co-main Event:

145lbs. Rakim Thorpe (JW) vs. Jeremy Alba(City of Wolves, El Paso)

To start the fight Rakim is able to take down Jeremy down and end up on top control. Rakim is trying to use his ground and pound but Jeremy is able to defend. They finish the round with Rakim on top. They start the second round with Rakim taking down Jeremy ending on top. Jeremy defending any damage looking to escape to get back on his feet. Rakim is able to take down Jeremy and take his back after a scramble and sinks in a quick rear naked choke to win the fight at the 2:53 mark.


Fight #4

135lbs. Aaron “Tiger” Reese (JW) vs. Andre Mitchell (Westside Power Gym)

They start out the fight in a feel out process trying to find their range. Aaron is able to take down Andre down ending up in top control. Andre almost sinks in an arm bar but Aaron was able to escape. Aaron trying to use his ground and pound but Andre is able to avoid any major damage. The round ends with Aaron in the guard of Andre. They start the second round with Andre telegraphing a takedown attempt and Aaron saw it and took advantage to sprawl and take Andre down. Aaron ends up in Andres guard and Aaron with a barrage of punches. The ref stands them up since there was no action. They end the round on their feet with minimal action. They start the third round pretty much the same as the last two rounds. Andre tried to go for a takedown but Aaron is able to defend and ends up in side control. He starts to drop elbows but Andre is able to defend. Aaron looking to finish this fight with his ground and pound but Andre is able to escape. They stand and again they end up on the ground and the round ends. Aaron defeats Andre via unanimous decision.


Fight #3

Hvy. Mario Moore (Luttrell/Yee) vs. Billy Ray Valdez (FITNHB)

This fight is what was expected with the heavyweights. WAR. Both fighters connecting with their shots rocking one another. After a quick start, they end up in a clinch with Mario’s back against the cage. Billy starts throwing hay makers. One punch connects with a low blow, they restart and end up in a clinch again until the bell rang. They start the second round looking to connect with one of their power punches but Billy takes Mario against the cage in a clinch. Billy again with a low blow. The ref gives a hard warning but doesn’t take a point away. They restart, and Billy is able to take Mario down hard but they get back on their feet in a clinch and Billy hammering Mario’s leg and knee. They finish the fight in a clinch. The third and final round we saw Billy trying to clinch with Mario again but Mario is able to escape and found his range and starts connecting with his punches hurting Billy. They finish the fight with both fighters against the cage in a clinch. Mario defeats Billy split decision.


Fight #2

170lbs Keith Dawson (Judgement MMA) vs. CJ Boston (Independent)

As soon as the bell rang CJ connects with a straight right knocking down Keith to his back and CJ takes advantage. They end up on their feet and CJ connecting with his punches blooding up Keith. CJ takes him down and Keith is able to protect himself with CJ’s ground and pound. Keith digging real deep in the last minute of the fight trying to take CJ down until the bell rang. They start the second round and CJ rushes forward and takes Keith to the ground. Keith using his Bjj to avoid any damage. CJ takes Keith’s back trying to sink in the RNC but Keith is able to defend until the bell rang. They start the third round looking to connect with one of their punches but CJ clinches and takes Keith down but Keith was able to sweep him to get back up on his feet but CJ being relentless and takes him down again. They finish the fight on their feet trading shots until the bell rang. CJ defeats Keith by unanimous decision.


Fight #1

130lbs. Derrick Pringle (Jackson’s Four Corners) vs. Jacobo Martos (Gracie Barra, Cruces)

Both fighters came into this fight quick in the very first round as they both connected with their punches. Derrick looking like tho more dominate fighter as he clinched with Jacobo and took him down with a body slam landing him on top side control. Derrick is working on his ground game not letting Jacobo get up. A very dominate performance from Derrick. The second round started the same way the first ended, Derrick on top controlling the fight on the ground. It looks like Jacobo doesn’t have the answer to get back on his feet. They stand for a minute with Derrick having Jacob’s back until Derrick does a beautiful suplex. The third round starts and they go to the ground and Jacobo started working on a submission attempt but couldn’t finish it. They end up on their feet again and exchange punches but Derrick takes him down, takes his back, and sinks in an RNC. Derrick defeats Jacobo by RNC at the 1:35 mark. 


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