Southwest MMA Series 29 Official Results

SANTA FE, NM: Southwest MMA Series makes its trip back to the Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino in Santa Fe, New Mexico on Saturday, September 28. The promotion will host Southwest MMA Series 29: Jalin Fuller vs. Kemoy Anderson

This event will have 10 MMA fights with 7 amateur fights and 3 pro fights. Event doors will open at 6 p.m. MT and fights will start at 7 p.m. MT. Below you can find the complete and official results.

In the main event of the pro card, Jalin Fuller fighting out of Albuquerque, New Mexico training at The Fight Authority meet Kemoy Anderson fighting out of El Paso, TX training at 10th Planet El Paso.

In the co-main event of the pro card, Ali “The Silent Assassin” Omar fighting out of Albuquerque, NM training at Jackson Wink MMA will take on Michael Morgan fighting out of Magnolia, TX training at Magnolia Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

In the featured bout of Pro card we will see Jesse Tafoya fighting out of Albuquerque, New Mexico training at Jackson Wink MMA will take on Josiah Reyes fighting out of Santa Fe, New Mexico training at The Fight Authority, Santa Fe Fitness and Martial Arts.

In the main event of the Amateur card we will see Korey Windham fighting out of Santa Fe, New Mexico training at Santa Fe Fitness will take on Austin Loza fighting out of Enid, Oklahoma training at Standfast Wrestling/MMA, Enid, OK. 

In the co-main event of the Amateur card we will see Andre Mitchell training at Westside Powe Gym in Rio Rancho, NM taking on Anthony Valenzuela training at Fitness Elite in Odessa, TX.

In the featured fight of the amateur card, Aaron Taylor fighting out of Albuquerque, New Mexico training at Jackson’s Acoma will take on Isiah Torres fighting out of Pueblo, Colorado training at Steal City Fight Team, Pueblo, CO.


Southwest MMA Series 29 Fight Card and Official Results: 

Pro Card:

(R)Kemoy Anderson vs. (B)Jalin Fuller

Round 1: Kemoy starts the fight with a single leg to take Jalin against the cage. Jalin takes down Kemoy and drops some vicious bombs knocking out Kemoy. The round ends with Jalin defeating Kemoy by TKO at the :59 mark.


(R)Ali “The Silent Assassin” Omar vs. (B)Michael Morgan

Round 1: IF you blinked you missed it. Ali dominated this fight from the start and won this fight at the 1:00 mark via technical knockout.


(R)Jesse Tafoya vs. (B)Josiah Reyes

Round 1: To start the round out, both fighters are feeling each other out trying to read one another faking some shots. Josiah is landing some shots and Jesse is makes Josiah bleed form his nose with a spinning back fist. Josiah is setting the pace and using his long reach. A really fast paced fight. Both fighters start throwing punches during the 10 second count. 

Round 2: Josiah really picking up the pace and being the more aggressor in this round. Josiah utilizing that reach landing his kicks but Jesse is holding his own taking them like a champ. A back and forth round with Josiah just dominating the round. 

Round 3: Josiah using that reach advantage landing some vicious kicks to the body of Jesse. Jesse lands a couple shots but Josiah just walks through them. The ref stops the fight to get the Doctor to look at Jesses cut over his eye. The ref lets them continue. The crowed goes crazy chanting Josiahs name as hes the fan favorite. Jesse takes down Josiah and takes his back but it was too late for him to really do anything. Josiah made his pro debut but you wouldn’t think so with his dominate performance.

Josiah Reyes defeats Jesse Tafoya by unanimous decision.


Amateur Card:

(R)Austin Loza vs. (B)Korey Windham

Round 1: They start the round trying to finish this fight quick with both fighters throwing their shots hard but missing. Korey is starting to set the pace with him being in the center of the cage. Austin is able to clinch with Korey but Korey sneaks in a standing guillotine choke and Austin taps out.

Korey Windham defeats Austin Loza via standing guillotine choke at the 2:47 mark.


(R)Anthony Valenzuela vs. (B)Andre Mitchell

Round 1: The fight starts out quick with Anthony taking down Andre and starts dominating the position until the bell rang. 

Round 2: The second round starts with Anthony kicking Andre straight down on the knee and the ref stops the fight to check on Andre. The round starts again and Anthony takes Andre to the mat and the round ends with Andre tapping out. 

Anhony Valenzuela defeats Andre Mithchell via rear naked choke at the 1:48 mark.  


(R)Aaron Taylor vs. (B)Isiah Torres

Round 1: Both come in feeling out each other finding their range. They scramble and Aaron takes down Isiah, with a quick scramble Isiah finds Aarons back and looks for that submission until the bell rings. 

Round 2: They start the round fast with both fighters exchanging shots. Aaron takes down Isiah to the mat. Aron with top control and Isiah able to sink a triangle choke. Aaron escapes the choke still on top dropping some punches. Isiah able to defend until the round ends. 

Round 3: They start the fight quick and Aaron is able to take down Isaiah hard. During the scramble Aaron is able to take Isiahs back. He tries to sink a choke but Isiah being relentless starts to dominate the fight on the ground. Fight ends.

Aaron Taylor defeats Isiah Torres by split decision.


(R)Rakim Thorpe vs. (B)Dakota Munro

Round 1: The start of the round they are feeling out their range. Rakim is able to take down Dakota landing in Dakotas guard. With no action from both fighters they are able to stand up. Rakim catches one of Dakotas kicks and drops him to the mat landing in his guard. Dakota is able to defend himself until the end of the round.

Round 2: The round starts with Rakim stalking his opponent as he picks his shots. At one point, Rakim is able to clinch with him against the cage until he takes him down. Rakim lands some shots until Dakota is able to get out and stands up. Again, Rakim takes down Dakota hard to the mat until the round ends.

Round 3: Rakim starts the fight setting the pace and landing his shots. Dakota trying to look for an opening but is not successful. Dakota lands a hard kick to the body hurting Rakim. Dakota not able to take advantage and Rakim again controling the pace. With not much action, the round ends.

Rakim Thorpe defeats Dakota Munro by unanimous decision.


(R)Val Guevara vs. (B)Richard Jennings

Round 1: This fight starts out fast with Val throwing some wild shots. Richard stays composed and is able to take Vals back trying to take him down. Richard is finally able to take him down just for a few second until Val is able to get back on his feet. Richard is sticking to Val like glue not letting him off his grip. Richard landing some knees in the clinch until the bell rings.

Round 2: This round starts with both fighters swinging for the fences until Richard is able to clinch with Val against the cage. Separate with Val throwing wild punches. Richard again is able to take down Val to the mat and sinks in a choke with Val tapping out.

Richard Jennings defeats Val Guevara via peruvian necktie (tappout) in the second round at the 1:42.


(R)Pedro Ingram vs. (B)Mario Moore

Round 1: Mario starts the round landing his shots. Mario lands a beautiful right hand that knocks out Pedro out cold. The ref jumps in to save Pedro before Mario can land more shots. 

Mario Moore defeats Pedro Ingram via KO in the first round at the :52 mark.


(R)Caleb Gunter vs. (B)Daniel Kartushyn

Round 1: They start off the fight quick as both fighters start landing kicks. After a flurry of kicks Caleb puts Daniel to the cage looking for a single leg. They separate with both fighters slowing down the pace. They end up on the mat with Daniel on top with no action until the bell rang. 

Round 2: With a quick start, Daniel ends up on the bottom as he is looking for a submission. Caleb is able to take Daniels back looking for the rear naked choke. Daniel is able to defend himself but Caleb being relentless sticking to Daniels back. Caleb with a deep neck crank and Daniel was saved by the bell. 

Round 3: Both fighters looking a bit tired but Caleb is pushing the pace. Daniel being patient looking for an opening to land his shots. Caleb is able to take Daniel to the cage looking for that single leg but Daniel is able to escape. Daniel is landing his shots hurting Caleb until the bell rings. 

Daniel Kartushyn defeats Caleb Gunter via unanimous decision.