Sportskeeda announces partnership with Karate Combat

New York City, USA | Bangalore, India: Sportskeeda, the leading all-sports site in India owned by Absolute Sports Ltd, has added content from Karate Combat, the new full-contact martial arts league, which has become a verified partner.

Sportskeeda, which has over 45 million monthly uniques, will carry Karate Combat’s past fights and future events, capitalizing on a boom in combat sports across India, and global interest in karate ahead of its debut at the Olympics in 2020.

Karate Combat’s rules and format are optimized for mobile viewers and perfect for Sportskeeda’s stated objective of revolutionizing how sports are consumed all over the world.

Karate Combat is the first mainstream, professional full-contact karate league and has received international praise since its launch a year ago.

The rules reward bold action, and grappling is not allowed. The fighting takes place in the Karate Combat Fighting Pit in exotic locations around the globe.

Competitions in Budapest, Athens, Miami, New York City and Hollywood were viewed by millions live, with many more watching replays. Returning fighters pursue the Golden Belt, awarded in each weight category, with challenge matches on each fight card.

Karate Combat’s distribution model, working with prestigious partners in linear and digital television, has earned it praise from The New York Times, which compares the presentation to video game Street Fighter come to life, and TechCrunch, which called it the future of the sports business. In 2019, Karate Combat will broadcast events live from Japan, China, Brazil, Spain, France, Italy, Latvia and the U.S.

Michael DePietro, CEO of Karate Combat:

“Combat sports are on the rise in India, so we’re excited to reach this audience with our non-stop action and respect for martial arts. Sportskeeda’s innovative approach to getting the best sports content out to fans is a perfect match for us.”

Porush Jain, Founder & CEO of Sportskeeda:

“We are witnessing a marked increase in combat sports content consumption in India and these numbers are only bound to grow as the market expands. Our association with Karate Combat is a win-win relationship that opens doors to a whole new segment of audience who are looking to consume premium combat sports content like the cutting edge content that Karate Combat produces.”


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