St-Pierre Describes Khabib as “The Perfect Fighter”

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In an interview with GSP earlier this year with Nate Evans (@mmatrufan) over at MMA TRUFAN, GSP describes Khabib as “The Perfect Fighter.”

GSP states: “Khabib was very exciting for me because, for a fighter, a fighter doesn’t think like a normal person.” He continues, “A fighter always wants to fight a guy who seems invincible, a guy who seems like the perfect fighter, who is unbeatable. He has an aura of invincibility. So, that means if I do it I’ll be the first to have ever done it. It’s not a question of money. Yeah, the money is there but it’s not a question of money first. It’s a question of glory, of self accomplishment, of making it in a way that you’ll be in history forever, for myself.”

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