Standout Fighting Tournament (SFT MMA) is coming to America Returns

MIAMI — Brazil-based Standout Fighting Tournament (SFT MMA) is coming to America to change the way fans in the United States watch combat sports live, televised, and streamed.

SFT MMA is promoting its first show since this past February, SFT 22 on August 1 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, airing live on network television in Brazil, as well as streamed live in the United States and worldwide on pay per view via FITE.TV. SFT MMA will then make its long awaited American debut August 13 in Miami with SFT 23 JESUS vs. CACHORRO, streamed live in the United States on pay per view via FITE.TV, and airing at future dates on regional television throughout the U.S. on United Fight Alliance (UFA), in addition to being broadcast Brazil television a few days later.

“We had planned to promote monthly shows in 2020, including three in the United States and one in Mexico, but the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown sports, SFT MMA president David Hudson said. “Now, we’ve rescheduled ‘no public’ events in August in Brazil and for the first time in the USA with our Florida debut.

“SFT gives fans what they want: competitive, action-packed fights in a completely different form of entertainment. We can’t wait for U.S. fans to watch our product to understand what they’ve been missing.

“Everyone who is MMA invested in Brazil is with the goal of sending fighters to organizations outside of Brazil. Our goal is to hold all fighters in SFT. Our contracts allow fighters to fight in organizations outside of Brazil. Our goal is to pay enough money for fighters to sign exclusive deals where they will be prohibited fight for any organization other than SFT and have no need to do so.”

SFT 22 and SFT 23 VR will be held in studio without the public. Only fighters (plus one corner person), skeleton staff including television production crew, officials, and commission members will be allowed onsite. No fans, media, or ring-card girls. SFT will provide masks and be responsible for cleaning, disinfecting, and encouraging all to follow COVID-19 recommendations (frequently washing hands, avoid touching the face, practice good respiratory etiquette when coughing or sneezing, and keeping proper distance. All attendees will be tested for COVID-19 the day prior to the weigh in, at the weight in, and during the day of the event.

Hudson announced the hiring of Director of Sales and Business Development Dustin David as SFT MMA’s point-man in the United States.

“SFT’s launch in the United States is something fans and fighters have really been looking forward to,” David added. “Brazil has some of the best fighters in the world, but only a few have the opportunity to be seen fighting on television. These fighters train their whole life with the hopes to one day make it into a big International event to be able to support their families just from fighting. The exposure SFT gives athletes through its television deals and pay-per-view streaming helps make these dreams a reality. We’re confident that holding events in Brazil, USA and Mexico will soon lead to us paying all fighters what they’d earn fighting for other organizations, and make a good living fighting in Brazil.”

“MMA is the hottest growing sport in the world; it was born in Brazil, so it seems only natural to continue discovering promotions that build fighters. Our events are going to the next level by coming to America. SFT, which is the only promotion to televise monthly shows on a national network in Brazil, offers an innovative style of entertainment geared towards families. For example, no trash talking is allowed between fighters. We usually promote one live event a month, however, we air every Saturday night on network television in Brazil. All fights, including semi pro matches, will air on television at some point during the same month.”

The lone MMA promotion in Brazil without ties to MMA teams, SFT MMA events guarantee the highest quality fights for fans, because SFT MMA neither favors nor protects any individual fighters.

Last year, SFT MMA introduced a spin-off, SFT Xtreme, which is conducted under kickboxing rules with fighters wearing 4-ounce gloves, the same used in mixed-martial-arts competition, in an octagon-shaped cage.

SFT is the first Brazilian MMA promotion to sign fighters to exclusive promotional contracts, mostly for one year with a guarantee of four fights, and currently has more than 70 fighters under contract, who are allowed to fight for other organizations outside of Brazil.

SFT’s innovative ideas and program format translates into its events being much more than the usual combat sports shows. It introduced the “KISS CAM” in Brazil, which has proven to be extremely popular with patrons, and also offers fans to interact by getting in the ring for a chance to win cash prizes. SFT uniqueness has featured “ring-card boys” on occasion, as opposed to the traditional “ring-card girls”, All-Women events in which all fighters and even the referees are all females, and free admission shows for toy and food drives. And it even has its own mascot (Hudson’s twin brother), believed to be the only one in combat sports.

Amateur MMA fighting is also important to SFT, which are held under the name, “FIGHT CLUB”, and its regular events normally include several semi-pro fights, which SFT introduced in Brazil. Semi-pro fights match amateur fighters, who fight under rules closer to those of professional MMA, that have experience in other forms of combat sport or are ready to tun pro. Also, part of SFT’s fight program is a Senior’s Division for fighters who are 40 or older.

Last year, SFT also promoted five non-MMA events televised live on Brazilian television: a semi-pro MMA event with two title fights, jiu-jitsu. boxing, an Xtreme event, and pro wrestling (WWE style).

Brazilian combat stars come out for SFT. At SFT 20: Battle of the Olympus last January 25in Brazil, UFC fighter Charles Oliveira, who holds the UFC record for most submission wins and tied for most finishes, fought Jiu-Jitsu World Champion Lucas Barros.

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