SteelFist Fight Night 59: Cage Chaos play-by-play, official results and photographs

On Friday June 29th 2018 Utah’s biggest MMA promotion SteelFist Fight Night was back in SLC Utah for an action packed fight night. The promotion hosted SteelFist Fight Night 59: Cage Chaos.

FightBookMMA was on scene and you can check out our play-by-play, official results and photographs below. Photos by Jay Durham and Kay Newblood.

• Kieran Merton vs Xavier Jimenez 145lbs

Round 1 – Jimenez comes out with heavy hands, they stand in the middle and trade, Jimenez lands a MASSIVE right hand and puts Merton to SLEEP!

Xavier Jimenez by KO just 20 seconds into Round 1

• Ian Lowery vs Ahmed Kareem 150lbs

Round 1 – Immediately they meet in the middle, Grey shorts takes down black shorts. After a while of little action, the ref stands them up. Ian and Kareem again meet in the middle and exchange blows, Ian takes Kareem down and starts throwing knees to the body from side guard to close out the round. Ian wins the round 10-9. At the end of the round, Kareem calls over the ref and says he cannot continue.

Ian Lowery wins by verbal tapout (TKO)

• Jackson Randall vs Michael Eastwood 125lbs

Round 1 – Eastwood rushes towards Randall after touching gloves, does a spinning back kick and followed up with an overhand left. Eastwood continues to press forward and Randall lands a right hand while backing up that stuns Eastwood slightly, causing him to shoot on Randall. Randall goes for a guillotine choke but can’t get it and Eastwood flips him and gets top position. They scramble and Randall gives up his back. Eastwood sinks in a RNC to win the fight by tapout 38 seconds into Round 1 RNC

• Scott Devlin vs Zack Partridge 200lbs

Round 1 – Devlin and Partridge meet in the middle and trade blows, both landing in the pocket. Devlin gets clipped and then Partridge went in for a takedown at which point Devlin goes for a guillotine choke. Devlin holds it for a long while before Partridge breaks free. They scramble and Devlin gets Partridge’s back. The round ends with Devlin going for a RNC but cannot get it before the round expires.
Devlin wins round 1 with a 10-9.

Round 2 – They meet again in the middle and Devlin again goes for the takedown. They press against the cage and Partridge goes for a triangle, but cannot land it. They scramble to the feet and Partridge goes for a standing guillotine choke. Though it’s deep, Partridge cannot finish. Devlin again takes Partridge to the ground, they scramble, Partridge ends the round on top landing strikes from side control.
Partridge wins round 2 10-9.

Round 3 – They touch gloves in the middle of the cage and then Partridge just starts unloading BOMBS on Devlin, Devlin eats shot after shot and they stagger him, but he does not go down. After repeated strikes, you can clearly tell Partridge is exhausted from the onslaught. Devlin goes in and again there is a takedown. Devlin sinks in a deep armbar but Partridge defends. They scramble and Devlin gets Partridge’s back but cannot secure the choke before the round ends.

Round 3 is pretty much too close to call
Partridge wins the fight by unanimous decision.

• Heather Allen vs Madie Meacham 115lbs

Round 1 – Allen and Meacham meet in the middle and start feeling each other out. Meacham lands a couple counter shots and then Allen presses forward to clinch. They tie up and fall back against the cage. Allen lands a beautiful hip toss that lands Meacham flush on back and Allen in side control. They scramble and Meacham lands on top and start landing strikes. They scramble and stand up, they stand in the pocket and exchange until the horn blows for the first round.

Round 2 – They meet in the middle and Meacham throws a couple of strikes before landing a big leg kick that sweeps Allen’s feet from under her. Meacham runs in and lands some strikes as Allen tries to stand and recover. They clinch and again Allen lands a hip toss to take Meacham down. It doesn’t take long for Meacham to get up and you can clearly see Allen is bleeding bad from her nose. Meacham lands some more shots and Allen presses Meacham against the cage, Meacham takes Allen down and from top position lands some more shots. Allen fights for position and gets it for a short time before Meacham gains the upper hand. Meacham rolls Allen and tries to take her back, the round ends with Meacham on top.

Round 3 – Allen throws a leg kick, Meacham presses in the pocket and lands a couple of strikes. Meacham presses forward with combinations, landing big bombs on Allen, she connects with a solid right and drops Allen to the ground. The ref calls it, TKO.

Meacham wins by :43 in round number 3 via TKO

• Rip Ripley vs Jordan Marshall 125lbs

Round 1 – They meet in the middle and Marshall comes out like a man possessed. Marshall swings with every evil intention in the world, from in the pocket and in the clinch. Marshall lands so nasty, nasty shots on Ripley that drops him to his back. Marshall swarms him from the top and lands a bunch of hammerfists before the ref calls the fight!

Marshall wins by TKO just :25 into the first round.

• Kelsey Skillman vs Shandra Sisneros 143lbs
Kelsey falls ill just moments before she is scheduled to walk out. Fight is called. It’s later revealed by Shandra that her opponent had chemotherapy just 21 days ago.

• Elias Landau vs Hayden Brown 185lbs

Round 1 – They meet in the middle and start feeling out the range. Brown swings for the fences but cannot land. Landau lands a couple of nice leg kicks. Brown continues to swing for the fences and lands a nice shot on Landau that wobbles him. Landau is able to get free and avoids anymore damage. Brown calls for Landau to stand in the middle of the ring and exchange. Brown throws absolutely crucial bombs on Landau causing Landau to go to the ground. Brown comes down on top and rains down blows until the horn for the first round calls.

Round 2 – They meet in the middle again and start gauging the range. Brown lands some more vicious shots, causing Landau to go down. Brown brings the ground and pound and the ref is close to calling it. Landau managed to get to his feet only to catch a hard shot from Brown that drops him back to the ground. Brown lands more unanswered shots from the top and the ref calls it.

Brown wins by TKO 1:12 into round 2

• Tracey Hardy vs Zeph Na’oupu 200lbs

Round 1 – Hardy and Zeph begin the feeling out process. Zeph takes Hardy to the ground and a struggle for position unfolds. Zeph is throwing from the top with everything he has. Zeph continues working for position and eventually Hardy pushes back to his feet. They stand against the cage and Hardy locks in a Muay Thai clinch and starts unloading knees. Zeph breaks free and again tries to remove Hardy’s head by way of haymaker. The round closes with Hardy getting a warning from the ref about eye pokes.

Round 2 – Hardy starts out the round with some nasty leg kicks that take Zeph off his balance in a big way. Zeph presses for a takedown and they go against the cage. Hardy goes again for the Thai clinch, landing some vicious knees and strikes. Once they go to break away, again Hardy is caught by the ref for an illegal blow. A point is taken away from Hardy. The fight continues and Hardy immediately starts landing leg kicks again. Zeph has no answer for it and is visibly hurting. The round closes with both fighters circling the cage.

Round 3 – They touch gloves at the start of the round. Zeph comes in and scoops Hardy off the ground and high into the air. He holds him for a moment, then slams him down to the canvas. Zeph makes nothing of it and a short while later they stand. Hardy shoots forward and presses Zeph against the cage. They fall down and Hardy is now on top working for position. The round ends with Hardy on top trying to sink a submission.

Hardy wins by unanimous decision.

• Dominico Salas vs Mitch Ramirez 155lbs

Round 1 – Both meet in the middle to start trying to find the range. Ramirez shoots for the takedown and gets it. Salas manages to get back to his feet and gets immediately taken down by Ramirez again. Ramirez has his back and is working for a submission. Ramirez loses position and Salas gets back to his feet and Ramirez starts throwing bombs, but Salas just eats the shots and keeps pressing forward. Salas gets in a clinch and goes for a guillotine choke. The round ends with Ramirez on top, again going for Salas’ back.

Round 2 – They meet in the middle and Ramirez immediately goes for a takedown and brings Salas down. Ramirez again has Salas’ back and is looking for the submission. The entire round is Ramirez trying to secure the RNC but cannot get it. Round ends with Ramirez attached to Salas’ back.

Round 3 – Salas and Ramirez meet in the middle and Salas starts off with a combo that ends in an accidental low blow. Action continues, Salas goes forward with a combo, but Ramirez shoots for a takedown and brings him down to the ground. Ramirez sinks in a choke from the top and gets the tapout!

Ramirez wins by 1:41 in round 3 by submission to win Lightweight Title

• James Francis vs LJ Schulz 125lbs

Round 1 – They meet in the middle and start feeling out the range. A lot of faints and a lot of leg kicks to start out the fight. Schulz does some showboating and then the punches start to fly. In a scramble, LJ lands on top of Francis. LJ is trying to get position but cannot get anything and the ref stands them up. LJ gets a standing choke and takes it all the way down to the ground. Francis is forced to tap.

Schulz wins by standing triangle choke 2:24 seconds into the first round.

• Luiz Cortez vs Ben Moa 255lbs Heavyweight Title Fight

Round 1 – Moa meets Cortez in the middle and starts picking him off. Lands a few jabs and some front kicks. Cortez presses forward and eats some hard shots, dropping him to the ground. A couple unanswered shots and the ref has seen enough!

1:30 seconds into the 1st, KO to retain Heavyweight Title.

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