STFC 46 is in the books and the night was action packed. Despite losing the Championship main event Eli Rodriguez vs. Emilson Freitas, the event lived up to be one of the best fight nights showcasing new talent and up and comers along with STFC veterans.

The 1st fight featuring Ramiro Zermeno vs. Sabas Garcia, literally kicked off the event with Zermeno delivering a devastating head kick to end the bout in the 1st round in 9 seconds!!! This was a phenomenal victory for a guy looking to earn that W.

Next up , we had Charles Jones vs. AJ Buenrostro. Jones had just secured a unanimous decison win at STFC 45 and was looking to make this his 2nd. Up and comer AJ Buenrostro had other plans as he finished Jones in the 1st round with a rear naked choke. It did not take long for Buentrostro to sink that forearm under Jones’ chin and lock in that submission. Another amazing debut showcasing our local talent with a submission win!!!

Our 3rd event of the evening featured Fabiano Rodrigues vs. Joshua Rogers. This fight was grueling and went the distance. Each round Rogers and Fabiano would grapple and Rogers would end up getting the better out of the exchanges landing repeated blows to Fabiano’s knee. Each round also had the referee stand them up as the fighters failed to advance their positions. Fabiano needed distance in this fight but Rogers would not back down. His control of the fight was like a chess match ultimately giving him the unanimous decision win.

Our 4th fight of the night featured 2 middle weights, Robert Salinas vs. Maguette Seck. This was a great fight featuring the one of the RGV’s most talented middleweights against a Jackson Wink MMA prospect. The 1st round they defintely came out banging and Seck got the better of the exchanges. Round 2 did not dissappoint as Salinas took him down and controlled most of the match and almost landed a rear nake choke. Seck barely escaped being choke unconciouss. Round 3 was intense as both fighters engaged knowing this round would be the deciding factor.. I felt that Seck had definetly won the exchanges in this round. Ultimately, the judges scored the bout a unanimous decision win for Seck. It was a great win for the Jackson Wink MMA prospect. I personally saw him losing the 2nd round but either way the decison was correct.

Fight number 5 of the night was Christopher Cuadras vs. Fernando Ramirez. This fight started off with these guys swinging for the fences but eventually ended up on the ground. Cuadras seemed to have landed some illegal blows that were not seen by the ref and might have helped the in his win. The fight was declared a TKO victory in the 1ar for Cuadras as the blue corner (Ramirez) did not respond in time for the start of round 2. It was determined Ramirez had blacked out and could not continue so the fight was declared a TKO victory for Cuadras.

Our Co-main event featured Peter Caballero vs. David Mendoza. Cabellero started the round by stalking down his oppenent and throwing some heavy kicks. Mendoza responded with a few of his own. Mendoza closed the distance and they started throwing leather. Mendoza landed a hard right that knocked Caballero down and caused the referee to call and end to the bout in the 1st round. Mendoza ended up with the upset and earned his 1st professional win off his debut.

Our Main Event of the evening, featured Victor Martinez vs. Manny Muro. Both of these fighters are no strangers to the cage and looked ready to go to war as they entered the ring. The 1st round was a back and forth exchange with both fighters trying to find the distance and get into a rythym. Martinez defintely started to find that range as he back Muro up several times. 1st round was definetly Martinez round. Round 2 you could defintely see how comfortable Martinez was with his striking and range. He pushed the pace and had Muro back peddling. He ended up landing a hard left hook that led to the referee jumping in to stop the fight.Martinez won his fight via KO in the 2nd rd.

Overall, STFC 46 proved to be an action packed event with knockouts, submissions, a little controversy, and a huge showcase of our local talent and prospects looking to make a name for themselves by racking up Wins. If you didn’t attend you missed out on a great night of fights. I highly encourage everyone to support your local MMA community you may very well be looking at the next UFC superstars!!!


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