“When I started I won a lot of fights with a lot of heart, and will, where I was outskilled.”

Just a few days out from his UFC bout with Zabit Magomedsharipov, Jeremy Stephens makes unannounced special appearance, for a Super Session on the MMA Power Hour days ago. Colin Crandall and Doctor Adam Rooda rescheduled Stephens for a ”Super Session” (on the MMA Power Hour), after Stephens last week was forced to cancel last-minute (coaches decision), for the shows usual Wednesday night LIVE show on facebook and FiteTV. Stephens buot vs Magomedsharipov (UFC 235) will take place at T-Mobile Arena on March 2 at, in Las Vegas, NV and will be live on ESPN at 10 pm Eastern/9pm Central..

When asked how he felt overall, Stephens replied: 

“I’m feeling really good, my weight is great right now. I’m feelin light, I’m feelin ready to go. I’ve been ready, for a long time.”

                                                      TALE OF THE TAPE

                            Jeremy Stephens (28-15-0) vs. Zabit Magomedsharipov (16-1)

                                              Age: 32                            Age: 27

                                             Height: 68”                     Height: 72”

                                             Weight: 145 lbs              Weight: 145 lbs

                                             Reach: 71”                        Reach: 73”

STEPHENS: “I’ve been living in San Diego for about 10 years now, but my home, family, are always in Iowa.”               

When Crandall inquired about when he would be parting Iowa, for Vegas Stephens explained that he had actually moved to San Diego (California), and began training at Alliance MMA 10 years earlier, where he resides and trains today. Stephens added later that he thought all but 3% of the UFC roster where studying collected data in any form, to gain knowledge, willing to do almost anything, to gain an edge. He added later that he’s “big fat goal for 2019” was to become #1 contender, if not be the World Champ before the close of 2019.

STEPHENS: “I can adapt to anything that life throws at me . When I started I won a lot of fights with heart, and will, where I was outskilled. He went on, “just the experiences of a rough childhood, rough upbringing brought me to the game, where I was never gonna give up, I’m never just gonna quit. I’m never gonna be a person who stops growing, and changing, evolving, adapting, putting more knowledge into the game.”

Snapping a 3 fight win streak Stephens last TKO loss to a MMA legend in Jose Aldo,  went downhill after Aldo landed a brutal right, then left hand to the body of Lil Heathen, sending him to the canvas in agony, defenseless in the 1st round. Stephens aims to make it 4 out of 5 at UFC 235.

“People can criticize what I do, but in reality those people don’t have the balls to do, what I do. A lot of people live their lives settling. Settling for this, settling for that, when I’ve took risks. I’d hate to be a 90-year-old man, with regrets of not pursuing my dreams.”

When Colin asked for Stephens thought on his UFC 235 opponent

“I feel like he has a lot of holes in his game. He’s very young, talented guy. There is a lot of hype behind this guy but, he’s fighting a guy who’s very dangerous, who can put him out in 1 shot. You look at his highlight reel, then look at mine. I’m more afraid of me. He doesn’t have the experience I do, He doesn’t have the fight I.Q. that I do, he’s never faced anyone who’s as vicious as me, who can put his lights out. This is the biggest fight of his life. That puts the pressure, on him. I’m as cool as a cucumber. It’s just another day in the office for me” -Stephens

For the rest of this rare Special Session 20+ minute VIDEO interview:

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