Superkombat throws Hollywood heavy weights into the Ring

SK CEO Eduard Irimia announced on Monday that his global promotion has joined forces with versed Hollywood producers Moshe Diamant & Christopher Milburn. Having raised a combined value of 650mil in financing for blockbusters as The Quest, Black Dalia, The Ledge, Outcast or The Hurricaine Heist, just to name a few, the team will endevour to produce in the next five years films that will ripple the same success as they had so far, adding to their library stories inspired from the SK ARENA.

The new film venture SuperFilm will be part of the larger conglomerate SK GLOBAL, with offices in Los Angeles, London and Bucharest. The Team’s vision is to bring to the fans around the world, who are already accustomed to high production value from the SK fighting promotion, new film and tv stories that combine entertainment’s A-listers with the grit of the championships.

Having made a success out of action genre titles like The Quest, Knock Off, Time Cop, Hard Target, Universal Soldier and all time classics like Tristan & Isolde, The Musketeers, The Ledge and Black Dahlia producer Moshe Diamant states: ‘my love for action films genre spans for over four decades , having made over 85 titles that brought on to the silver screen action heroes that are now icons in popular culture, it is not hard to be inspired by the potential of new stories that a joint venture with SK Team and Talent could bring to new audiences around the world.’

Eduard Irimia, the Romanian born entrepreneur commands the attention of audiences of martial arts fights across the world with global coverage. After a lucrative contract with Eurosport he has decided to take on the highly competitive market of this sport in North America. It came to no surprise for his industry that his determination placed him amongst the highest net worth brands when he secured a prime-time deal of 10 shows with CBS Sports Network.

Chris Milburn, close ties with financial bodies in the UK, US and China believes strongly in the SK VISION: ‘The potential to bring ‘fantasy to reality’ and help enhance the outreach of SK through films and TV programs is extremely exciting to both us and our financiers and we are pleased to help take SK to its next level of global Superkombat fighting.’

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