Romeo Orosco will headline the adult portion of the youth/adult Global Cagefighting Championship/WAKO K1 kickboxing event here in the Des Moines area, at a location with a rich history of combat sports. The Val Air Ballroom has held fight involving huge names before they went off to the big leagues such as Jeremy Stephens, Josh Neer, Clay Guida just to name a couple that I personally attended myself, and will add Romeo Orosco to that growing list. Romeo is the only fighter in history to hold Team USA gold Medals in MMA and K1 Kickboxing.

October 26th, 2018 Orosco won his 3rd Gold Medal in Mexico at the Pan American Games. Romeo won by unanimous decision, dropping his opponent on several occasions during the contest.

Orosco: I fought the #1 ranked 125 Brazilian kickboxer, with 20 Pro fights, in The Pan American Championships (last bout OCT 26).

During this Championship final Orosco, in the first round Orosco was kinda in and out. 2nd
round he started to open up a bit, and teeing off on him, (opponent) hitting him with a couple shots, (Orosco) backed up, his opponent came forward, Orosco, moving against the ropes, then bounced off throwing punches, as his opponent hit the canvas. Orosco, soon dropped him again with a shin bone to his head. In the 3rd round Orosco dropped him 2 more times to clinch Gold.

Orosco: Before that fight the fans were screaming in in Brazilian “you are gonna die”. I never had to dealt with a crowd that was against me. It was pretty fun. I got the crowd to motivate me. I didn’t let me emotions get to me. I kept my cool, stayed elusive, and he could barely touch me.

Orosco started training in Karate at age 5, moving on to Tia Kwon Do at 8. Competing at by 10, Romeo earned his way to a world tournament by 13. He has trained and fought all over during his course.

Orosco: I come to bang, I come to put on a show. I was 40-0 in Tai Kwon Do

Orosco is also undefeated in MMA, and K1 Kickboxing in the 125 divisions.

Orosco: I had my first MMA fight at 19. I ended up knocking my guy out in 30 seconds. I trained for 2 years before my first MMA fight. At that time I was training with Anthony Pettis at Roufus Sport Gym in Milwaukee. Again moving around a little bit, I eventually took out the entire 125 division winning a National Championship Gold Medal for TEAM USA.

Orosco decided to try his hand at K1 Kickboxing for WAKO TEAM USA ultimately winning another National Championship Gold Medal in August of this year.

Orosco: I wanna take everybody out. There is nobody that is gonna be able to take me out. I wanna give the fans something they wanna see. No matter what, I show up. Every time I’ve fought, or say I’m gonna do something…I do it. I show up. I always show up!

Romeo seems to be a natural in front of the camera, so I had to ask where he got his fluid camera presence

Orosco: Well I’ve been in the Industry for a while. I’ve been a professional dancer, out in Los Angeles (California). I’ve been in front of the camera since I was 17.

FightBook MMA: Where do you see yourself 3-5 years from now?

Orosco: Well, UFC killed the 125 division now, we’ll see after the Olympics. We’ll see what I can do. Hopefully Bellator will be there, that would be fun to get a Bellator belt (kickboxing). You never know what will be happening.

FightBook MMA: Will you be arriving with KJ Kordick or will you be coming seperately?

Orosco: I will be coming with her. I don’t know how well you know KJ (The Storm) but, she has has been a big help for me, her and Rob Zbilski (President of WAKO). I just started training at TEAM USA facility (with Zbilski) doing 2 a days equallig 100 round per week. I’m putting in rounds and rounds and rounds. I feel like that’s what’s making me different, ya know. Rob is so smart. His (Zbilski) understanding of the fight game…I feel like no one understands kickboxing like he does. Working different angles, different shots and movements. His understanding is on point. I’m proud of that!

On Friday night Orosco undefeated in kickboxing will face 2x Iowa Golden Gloves ChampionKurt Blancho. Ticket are $25 General Admission, $30 Floor, ($40 VIP/Front row SOLD OUT). This event has 16 fights scheduled, with 32 fighters total. First 8 fights will be youth fights, with the last 8 fights being adults.

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Article By: Cameron Chrisp

Event Date: November 9, 2018

Location: Val Air Ballroom West Des Moines, Iowa

Report Sponsor: Sean the Barber at Blades Barbershop

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