Tateki Matsuda relieved after CES 54 win, looking forward to rest of 2019

Japan’s Tateki Matsuda recently returned to action in his second home of New England, with the UFC vet earning a win at CES 54 on UFC Fight Pass. This week he caught up with Fightbook MMA.

How do you feel about your most recent win?

Relieved feeling more than anything. I had been away from victory and fighting due to injury and surgery.

How did it feel to fight again in New England? Did you feel the love?

Definitely I felt more comfortable in New England than my home country, Japan. A certain thing in common is that I don’t sell many tickets. That’s another point I have to work on, but my priority is focusing on my fight no matter what.

Did you do anything to celebrate your victory?

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Yes, I did. I dedicated myself spending time with my wife for 2 weeks because we had no holidays such as Xmas and New Year(big in Japan). Thankfully, her birthday was in this vacay week, so I celebrated her birthday with my victory, which brought me by her tremendous support.

When would you like to fight next?

My manager, Tyson Chartier at TopGame Management, is already working on match up. Hopefully in this coming early spring.

What would you like to accomplish in 2019?

Stay healthy and no injury, which means that I can compete constantly. That’s all I deserve to say as of right now.

Is there anyone you’d like to thank while you have this opportunity?

First thing first, thanks to my wife and family in Japan. I would also like to thank my sponsors and local supporters who are rooting a non American foreign fighter. Special thanks to TB12, Mr Brady, and all team members who helped my shoulder rehab and thought me pliability. I can keep going with these people. Much appreciated.


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