Taura MMA signs TUF winner Glaico França and Contender Series vet Antonio Trocoli

Taura MMA announced today the signing of ‘The Ultimate Fighter: Brasil’ winner Glaico França. The 29-year-old is stepping out of retirement and will debut at the Brazilian promotion in 2021. Furthermore, the organization inked a deal with light heavyweight Antônio Trocoli.

França made history when he won the last ‘The Ultimate Fighter: Brasil’ aired by TV Globo, the biggest TV channel in Brazil. During the show, Glaico – a lightweight at the time – defeated Raush Manfio, Nikolas Motta, Joaquim ‘Netto BJJ’ Silva and Fernando Bruno. Glaico lost his next two fights at UFC, but he gets over them quickly and resetted himself as a welterweight, winning nine of his last ten fights. The 29-year-old from Santa Catarina announced his retirement at the end of 2019, but changed his mind after Taura’s invitation.

Trocoli has compiled 11 wins, three losses and one no-contest – precisely in July 2019, in the fight that guaranteed him a spot in the UFC, when ‘Malvado’ submitted Kenneth Bergh in the very first round. A few days after his signing, however, traces of a prohibited substance were found in his antidoping exam. Trocoli got a reduced suspension and is now eligible to debut for Taura.

Also, the Brazilian organization continues to expand its range in Latin America by signing three Uruguayans: Featherweight Martin Camilo (4-1), Bantamweight Juan González (9-2) and Welterweight Juan Porto (9-3)


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