Team Virginia Destroyers Coach Rick McCoy: “Everyone is hungry and preparing correctly” ahead of AFL 2

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA- Elite Amateur Fight League (EAFL) is bringing a nationally competitive MMA tournament to the east coast which is hosted by American Fight League (AFL). The event will take place on Saturday August 25, 2018. at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.

Fans will have a chance to see the best amateur fighters from Virginia defend their home turf in a team vs team, state vs state MMA event against the best amateur fighters the state of Florida has to offer. The winner moves on to round 2 of the tournament and one step closer to the Amateur MMA Team National Championship.

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Tickets are available on-line at ETIX.COM and at the Virginia Beach Convention Center Box Office. Tickets prices will range between $30 and $50 dollars. Event doors will open at 5:30PM and fights start at 7:00PM.

The “AFL 2” event will feature the EAFL Team vs Team matchup between the Virginia Destroyers and the Florida Force. The EAFL feature portion of the card matches top ranked fighters from Virginia training out of The MMA Institute (Richmond Va.), Disciple MMA (Sterling, Va.), 8 Corners (Louisa Va.), and The Lab 9 (Fredericksburg Va.) against Florida Fighters training out of the famed American Top Team.

FightBookMMA sat down with head coach for Team Virginia Destroyers Coach Rick McCoy. He talks about how ready his team is and what he thought about this style of event AFL is bringing.

Coach thank you for taking the time to talk to me out of your hectic schedule. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello Roberto, my name is Rick McCoy and I am the head Coach of MMA Institute Virginia’s largest and most successful MMA team. I have been a life long martial artist and got involved with MMA back in 1995.

You’re coaching at American Fight League (AFL) 2 for Team Virginia Destroyers. Can you tell us how you picked the fighters on the team?

I pretty much picked the team from what I considered the best amateurs from around the state and fortunately I am affiliate or have great relationships with their perspective coaches.

That’s awesome, this is what these amateur fighters need a coach who believes in their skills. How’s the team training so far?

Everyone is hungry and preparing correctly.

That’s great to hear. How did the name Virginia Destroyers come about?

I had nothing to do with the naming but assume it is based off our large navy and military press an event in Virginia.

Nice. What do you think about this style of event this promotion is putting on?

This is kind of a new thing for MMA but being a long time Wrestler I am kind of digging the team format and the point system they have come up with that rewards finishes for the team points.

What can we expect the team to bring on August 25th?

We will be prepared and ready to showcase Virginia Talent.

Anything you would like to tell the other team before they step in the cage?

Nothing but respect. May the best team win. Looking forward to some competitive matches.

Coach its been a pleasure talking to you, are there any sponsors or anyone you want to give a shout out the floor is yours?

Just like to thank all the other coaches involved Scott Howard, Chad Lebron and Mike Stanley. Also thanks to all the people behind the scenes and the teammates that push these guys everyday.