Teddy Ash ready to kick the UFC’s door down after Unified 34 title fight

After five straight impressive wins, Teddy Ash has established himself as one of the sport’s top prospects at 185 pounds. The red-hot Canadian caught up with FightBookMMA before he fights 11-time UFC vet Seth Baczynski for the vacant Unified middleweight title at Unified 34 on Sept. 28 in Enoch, Alta., LIVE on UnifiedMMA.ca.

How’s life for Teddy Ash these days?

Just training hard. I’m living in Edmonton full-time now, so I’m going to be training full-time.

Was it the fire in Fort MacMurray that caused you to move to Edmonton?

Yeah, that’s what headstarted it all. I was in Edmonton when I was evacuated. When I went back to Fort Mac after the fires, I was working. I was getting a little time in Edmonton for training, but I wasn’t getting enough. I wasn’t progressing and didn’t want to go back to work for another 14 years, so, I said “(expletive) it, I’m doing it full time in Edmonton.” It was the best move I ever made.

How often do you go back?

It’s so close and it’s home, so I’ve been back there a lot, since. I’ve been spending more time in Fort Mac or out of town since I’ve moved in than I’ve spent in Edmonton. It seems crazy to me. I fought on the eleventh and after that, I went home for two weeks. Then, I went to Australia with Tanner for his fight.

What does Seth Baczynski bring to the table as a fighter?

He’s a good fighter. He’s a seasoned veteran and he’s gone to decision with some of the top guys in the world. He’s got wins over some of the best. Knockouts, submissions, decisions, he’s a full-on MMA fighter. One of the best.

What’s the most likely outcome of this fight?

I have no doubts in me and my hard work and my skills. I’m confident. I’m only here to win.

How will it feel to add another belt to your collection?

It’s going to feel awesome. I’m the champ in two weight classes and I’m (expletive) pumped.

Is this your final non-UFC fighter?

I’d like to think that’s going to kick the doors open for me. I’m going to kick the doors to the UFC down, if it doesn’t (laughs).


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