Tensions rise at Brave 10 weigh-ins as first-ever title defense becomes official

Brave Combat Federation will make its much-awaited debut at Jordan tomorrow, for Brave 10: The Kingdom Rises and the ceremonial Weigh-Ins confirmed the first-ever Brave title defense, as Featherweight champion Elias Boudegzdame and challenger Jakub Kowalewicz both weighed in at 65,7 kg under the 66,1 kg divisional limit. The ceremony was held at the Landmark Hotel, in Amman.

While the main event duo exchanged handshakes and smiles during their staredown, there was no love lost in other bouts as Jordan’s own Kareem-Abdul Al-Selwady (70,5 kg) went face to face with Englishman Charlie Leary (70,4 kg) and the two went back and forth with trash talk before their Lightweight bout.

In one of the most-anticipated rematches of the year, Tahar Hadbi weighed in at 77,55 kg for his Welterweight showdown with rival Mohammad Fakhreddine, who tipped the scales at 77,5 kg. The tension was palpable during their staredown as “The Latest”, who had the support of the Jordanian crowd, refused to break eye contact with French-Algerian Hadbi.

In the co-main event, Jarrah Al-Silawi and David Bear complimented each other after their staredown but promised to put on a show for the Jordan crowd. The winner will likely be next in line for Welterweight champion Carlston Harris.

Brave 10: The Kingdom Rises marks the promotion’s first show in Jordan, home to some of Brave’s most decorated fighters, and the seventh country to host a Brave Combat Federation event, after Bahrain, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, India, Kazakhstan, and Mexico. The event will be broadcasted to 84 nations across the globe to a reach of roughly 833 million homes.

Brave 10: The Kingdom Rises Weigh-In results:

Featherweight title bout: Jakub Kowalewicz (65,7 kg) vs Elias “Smile” Boudegzdame (65,7 kg)
Welterweight bout: Jarrah Al Selawe (77,45 kg) vs David Bear (77,45 kg)
Lightweight bout: Charlie Leary (70,4 kg) vs “The Pride of Palestine” Abdul Kareem Al Selwady (70,5 kg)
Welterweight bout: Mohammad “The Latest” Fakhreddine (77,5 kg) vs Tahar “Fast Hands” Hadbi (77,55 kg)
Bantamweight bout: Felipe Efrain (61,1 kg) vs Frans Mlambo (61,05 kg)
Welterweight bout: Pawel Kielek (77,3 kg) vs Sidney “All-American Kid” Wheeler (77,1 kg)
Bantamweight bout: Jalal Al Daaja (61,4 kg) vs Crisanto Pitpitunge (61,55 kg)
Catchweight bout: Mohammad “The Killer” Ghorabi (75,4 kg) vs Gadzhimusa “Deadshot” Gaziev (74,9 kg)
Middleweight bout: Tarek Suleiman (84,2 kg) vs Will Fleury (84,25 kg)
Featherweight bout: Dylan “The Nuke” Tuke (66,25 kg) vs Sodiq “Super” Yusuff (66,25 kg)
Bantamweight bout: Nawras “The Honey Badger” Abzakh (61,7 kg) vs Abdul Hussein (61,7 kg)
Middleweight bout: Chad “Superman” Hanekom (83,7 kg) vs Ikram Aliskerov (84,05 kg)


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