Tequila, Pizza & Phoney Phone Calls: Hanging with CES MMA’s Hilarious Head Honcho Jimmy Burchfield Jr.

Jimmy Burchfield Jr. and his team in Rhode Island have established CES MMA as one of the nation’s preeminent fight promotions. CES recently promoted their 60th professional fight card on UFC Fight Pass. The proud family man and razor-sharp attorney recently spent a couple minutes with FightBook MMA.

Any hidden talents?
Placing one line orders in the middle of the night.

Any hobbies?
Phoney phone calls.

Best way to spend a Friday night?
Tequila and pizza.

How would your closest friends describe you?
Best looking and best athlete.

How would your kids describe you?
Annoying, a spew god.

Favorite fighter?
My father.

Favorite all-time fight?
Pulling in the 200-pound tuna off Block Island.

Favorite subject in school?
Too long ago to remember.

Listening to now?
My daughter complaining that there’s no food in the house.

Favorite TV show?
Right now – Blacklist bingin’ on Netflix.

Favorite movie?
Bleed for This (I’m still getting royalties for my acting debut).

Who’d play you in the movie of your life?
Joe Rogan.

Favorite book?
The Alchemist (seriously).

Favorite quote?
“The journey continues.”

Breakfast, lunch or dinner?
All the above.

Favorite cheat meal?

Most important goal for you right now?
Finding the silver linings during all this craziness.

How would you like to be remembered when it’s all said and done?
Like that bowl of pasta with black truffles that we had in Rome.


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