TGFC 11: Champions Fight Night Season 3 Results

Truly Grand Fighting Championship hosted TGFC 11: Champions Fight Night Season 3.

This event took place on Thursday, February 11, 2021. TGFC 11 streamed LIVE on 1TV. Below you can find the complete and official results, photographs, and full event video.

For the first time, TGFC invited Garret Firtag Cage announcer from the USA to announce and give commentary. Check out the quick interview they had with him here on his thoughts of this event.

In the main event, we saw fighters from Afghanistan and Brazil go toe-toe-toe. Ahmed Wali Hotak fighting out of Afghanistan faced Leonardo Barbosa fighting out of Garanhuns, Pernambuco, Brazil. In the co-main event, we saw light heavyweight fighters from Iran and Tajikistan meet in the center of the cage. Hamid Reza Gholipour fighting out of Iran took on Kami Jutt fighting out of Pakistan. In the co-feature event, Welterweights Mohammad Wasim Kohbandi fighting out of Afghanistan took on Farid Rohani fighting out of Pakistan.

TGFC 11: Champions Fight Night Season 3 Results:

  • Ahmad Wali Hotak def. Yousuf Momand via Knee to Body TKO in Round 2, 2:36
  • Hamid Reza Gholipour def. Yousuf Momand via TKO Kick to head in Round 2, 1:44
  • Mohammad Wasim Kohbandi def. Sabrullah Bigzad via Elbow KO in Round 1, 1:23
  • Mohammad Masoom Mayar def. Yousuf Momand via TKO punches in Round 2, 3:41
  • Hazratullah Tawfiq def. Mohammad Qasim Rahimi via rear naked choke in Round 1, 3:00
  • Zubair Osmani def. Sabrullah Bigzad via Neck crank in Round 1, 2:45
  • Jawad Abdul Rahimzai def. Nima via Unanimous Decision


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