The fight the UFC needs is the fight we don’t want

At UFC 226, Daniel Cormier cemented himself as being considered as one of the greatest of all time beating champion Stipe Miocic and becoming the second two division champ in UFC History. Not only is Cormier the new Heavyweight champion in the UFC, he also is undefeated in the Heavyweight division which at this stage in his career is unbelievable. The fight was going Stipe’s way for the most part, but once DC was able to get inside he pulled off one of the best upsets in the company’s history. Right before the fight took place, the camera’s panned down cage side and we saw Brock Lesnar, his wife Sable and Dana White walking to their seats. Lesnar came over to the announcers table and said hello to Jon Anik, Dominick Cruz and told Joe Rogan he wanted to be on his podcast. Fight fans knew exactly what Lesnar was doing there, but people just didn’t want to believe it. During DC’s post fight speech, he decided to call out Brock and that’s when all WWE hell broke loose. After pushing DC and everyone in the ring did a Memphis wrestling pull apart segment, Brock grabbed the mic and insulted Stipe and Francis Ngannou and was told to leave the ring by Dana White, but Dana was doing it with a smile, not even trying to play off the fact a non contracted fighter got in the cage and assaulted a fighter. The UFC took a page out of Vince McMahon’s book and is running with it, and the fans are pissed!

For the most part, the MMA community feels like this is a complete joke for the company, Lesnar hasn’t competed in almost 2 years, and still has to enter the USADA pool in order to compete for the company. Fans are upset because Stipe should get a second chance at winning his title back considering he broke the defense record for the Heavyweight division in his last fight against Francis Ngannou. Other fans also think that Curtis Blaydes deserves the chance since he’s been on a tear since losing his only fight to Francis. Do you know what Curtis Blaydes and the former champ Stipe Miocic have in common? Neither one of them will generate the PPV buys that Lesnar will and that is the sad truth. The UFC and WME have been failing horribly since the company was bought out for 4.2 billion, the PPV buys are in the dumps and their television ratings are being beaten by reruns of Bob Ross painting shows from back in the 80’s. Even though we all hate the idea, from a business standpoint this is the best and really only option they have right now, not only to make the Heavyweight division relevant but make the company a pay day they haven’t seen in a while.

Back at UFC 200, Conor Mcgregor wanted more money and the Fertitta brothers told him to take a walk and searched for another big name to bring them the PPV buys, enter Brock Lesnar. Once the UFC put Lesnar vs Hunt on that card, the PPV buys came rolling in and the UFC didn’t even miss Conor at that point. Brock had USADA exemptions of course and eventually popped for PED’s but they were already counting that cash before any of that hit the news. With that little WWE show that DC and Lesnar put on in the center of the octagon, they pretty much guaranteed at least 1.3 million PPV buys just because people want to see what can happen. The fight itself is kind of interesting to be honest with you, Lesnar doesn’t like to get hit, but will put himself in harms way to go for the takedown. DC is very undersized against Lesnar, so to see what he can do to try and dominate the fight is worth watching all on its own. The mystery part to this all is what happens with the winner. Does DC relinquish his Light Heavyweight belt and concentrate just on Heavyweight, or does he defend the Light Heavyweight belt one more time before retiring? Of course the Jon Jones situation comes into play, maybe he sticks around to fight Jones one more time at Heavyweight, the possibilities are endless. If Brock wins, does he defend the belt once and then just retire for good? My thought process is, if Brock wins the UFC will set up the Jon Jones vs Brock fight, which has been talked about before and then they would probably make the most money on a PPV that they ever have just because it’s Jones moving up and it’s against Lesnar.

We have gone past the days of the deserving fighter getting their title shot, and we have entered the super fight era. It is a lot for us hardcore fans to get used to, because we see deserving fighters being pushed off to the wayside until it becomes their time, which could take a few years. Even if we all hate this fight, the UFC is desperate and is pulling that last joker card to try and get themselves financially set up, especially with this ESPN deal starting in 2019. No matter what anyone says, when this fight gets announced and finally comes to fruition, you will all be watching and so will I.

By: Tommy Dee radio personality at Pride Rules MMA Podcast

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