The Importance of the Online Side of Your Boxing Gym

Running a boxing gym is all about getting athletes in shape and training them to fight. Whether your gym is focused on the fitness side of boxing, the competitive side, or somewhere inbetween, it’s just as important to manage the online components of your business as it is to train athletes when in the gym.

Why is this important? These days, it’s almost impossible to competitively operate in any market without an online presence. Current members and potential members are going to expect to be able to communicate with you online. That means you need to be prepared and understand the online side of your boxing gym.

Phone Calls are a Part of Your Digital Presence

Before getting into the nitty gritty of your website, social media and what’s important, it’s essential to highlight the importance of phone calls. Phone calls are actually an important part of your digital presence. The importance of reaching out and speaking to a human is essential in the gym business, yet it’s so often overlooked. 

Make sure you have someone staffing your phones during business hours. If you’re running a small boxing gym, out of a warehouse or other small space, you may need to route calls to your or your manager’s personal phone if you don’t have the staff available to regularly answer phones.

You should also have a voicemail setup that encourages people to leave a message. On the same note, when you call people back make sure they know it’s you. Potential customers are unlikely to answer the phone if they don’t have your number. CNAM can help with that by providing your business name to the caller when you make a call, rather than just your phone number. Using a caller name means that those you’re reaching out to are more likely to answer the phone, speak with you and join your boxing gym. 

Your Website is Your Digital Cornerstone

Not everyone is going to reach for the phone and call you though, at least without first checking out your website. This is why it’s important to have a high quality website. Make sure your website offers information about your location, hours, class style, contact information and pricing. 

Your website should display your image. If you’re a competitive boxing gym, show people that with pictures of your fittest athletes and information about competitions you’ve won. If you’re in the business of getting people in shape through boxing, show welcoming classes with clients working hard but having fun. If you’re somewhere in between, display a little of both. 

Communication Via Website

Because potential clients are likely to visit your website before visiting your gym, it’s necessary that you give them easy ways to contact you in order to increase ecommerce. What is ecommerce? Ecommerce means buying and selling things, like gym gear and memberships, over the internet. . 

Giving customers an immediate way to reach out and ask a question of you can go far in getting them in your doors over a competitor’s. If you go this route, make sure that you have someone regularly monitoring the chat so that questions get answered quickly and don’t get missed. 

Social Media is Important

Another place where customers will try to communicate with you is via social media sites. Many customers will try to reach out to you via Facebook and Instagram messenger. This means it’s important to have both accounts for your gym. You also need to maintain and update them regularly.

Social media account management goes further than sharing information about your business. It’s a place to build relationships with customers. Whatever image you want to portray, this is where you’ll do that. Share pictures of award-winning fighters at your gym or of class bonding and building a sense of community. Captivate those watching your pages so they want to come in and spend time with you in person. 

Though the real fitness happens in the gym, it’s important to have a solid and respectable online presence when you’re running a boxing gym.

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