The Internet’s Most Loved and Hated Boxers

  • New research from reveals the Internet’s top 10 most loved and hated Boxers
  • The Gypsy King, Tyson Fury, is named as the internet’s Most Loved Boxer, whilst Leo Santa Cruz comes in as the Internet’s Most Hated Boxer
  • The research also revealed the Internet’s feelings around the YouTubers turned Boxers Jake Paul and KSI

With plenty of high-profile Boxing events taking place in August, there will be plenty of action to enjoy over the next month. From Usyk vs Joshua II to what would have been with Jake Paul vs Hasim Rahman Jr., Boxing fans will have plenty to talk about over the coming month. However, all this talking is rarely fully positive…

While there will always be fan favorites in the ring, a lot of fighters revel in being the bad guy that everybody wants to see get knocked out – Jake Paul has been playing up to this role quite well recently. With this in mind, have you ever wondered which UFC fighters are the most loved and most hated by fans on the Internet?

Well, thanks to new research from Gambling,com, they have been revealed. By utilizing the social listening tool Linkfluence, they acquired the online sentiment data from Reddit and Twitter surrounding every current Boxer over the past year, and ranked them based on their positive and negative sentiment to discover the internet’s most loved and hated Boxers:

The Top 10 Most Loved Boxers

RankNamePositive SentimentNegative Sentiment
1TYSON FURY28.20%10.80%
3CANELO ALVAREZ27.10%22.20%
4JERMELL CHARLO26.40%6.41%
5ANTHONY JOSHUA26.10%24.20%
7REY VARGAS23.30%4.47%
8DEONTAY WILDER22.70%25.30%
9ROMAN GONZALEZ22.50%9.88%
10STEPHEN FULTON JR20.80%1.50%

The Gypsy King and now the Internet King, Tyson Fury was revealed as the Internet’s Most Loved Boxer, with 28.20% of all posts on Reddit and Twitter about the two-time heavyweight champion being positive, and just 10.80% of them being negative – a true fan favorite!

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The Mexican superstar Canelo Álvarez came in 3rd place with 27.10% of posts online about him being positive, just behind Shakur Stevenson in 2nd after an admirable 27.70% of posts on Reddit and Twitter about him were positive.

The Top 10 Most Hated Boxers

RankNamePositive SentimentNegative Sentiment
1LEO SANTA CRUZ13.30%31.50%
2JOSH TAYLOR12.50%31.40%
3DEONTAY WILDER22.70%25.30%
5ANTHONY JOSHUA26.10%24.20%
6CANELO ALVAREZ27.10%22.20%
7JERMALL CHARLO4.51%19.30%
8JUAN ESTRADA12.20%17.80%
9TEOFIMO LOPEZ14.20%16.40%
10KAZUTO IOKA19.80%13.20%

The WBA Featherweight Champion Leo Santa Cruz is revealed as the Most Hated Boxer on the Internet, with 31.50% of Reddit and Twitter posts about him being of negative sentiment.

After his controversial split decision win against Jack Catterall back in February, Josh Taylor takes 2nd place with 31.40% of posts online about him being negative, and The Bronze Bomber, Deontay Wilder, comes in 3rd with 25.30%.

Jake Paul is already the Most Hated Boxer on the Internet

The research also revealed how the Internet feels about the Youtubers turned Boxers, Jake Paul, and KSI. According to the results, it appears the internet has far more negative things to say about Jake Paul than KSI, with 32.30% of posts online about him being negative, compared to just 18.90% for KSI. This figure would also place him as the Most Hated Boxer on the Internet when compared to the rest of current Boxers!

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