The IRON OUTLAW Humble Champion Jessy Ebrect Reveals All

“Hello there, my name is Jessy Ebrecht and I go as “TheIronOutlaw” in the cage. I started fighting back when I was 19 years old, but really as a kid (streets). When I was a young boy I was taken from my real family, at a really young age. I had 1 sister who was also adopted with me. I was told many things as a child on why I was taken and what had happened to me. Unfortunately you just really never know what to believe. So let me break it down for you by ages.

When I was ages 2-5 i was taken away from my family due to what I was told, as abuse. I remember my family having serious problems. They were not together throughout the whole timeIi was with them. I watched my sister get sexually abused by one of my mother’s ex play mate. As a little kid it was one of the hardest things to deal with. I felt responsible for it, and will forever blame myself for not protecting her. I had also got sexually abused by the same guy. So one day I ended up calling the police and explaining what happened. As a kid they didn’t know whether to believe me or not so they wrote it off. I then tried to convince them I was not lying, to the fact that it was true, so they looked further into it. Me and my sister ended up getting put into foster care for the time being. I grew up in at least 17 foster homes) from time to time.

At age 6ish we had a meeting with our parents at the police station trying to get me and my sister to basically tell what had happened to us, as children. It took alot of bribing us with candy, to even open up because as a child you’re scared half to death of what’s gonna happen if you’re honest about something like that. Eventually we ended up talking and saying our goodbyes to our parents.

At ages 6-9 we lived in foster home after foster home. We were taken from many and placed in many others due to abuse and other things. At one time I was bitten by a dog. Lots of them were basically, just temporarily. Some just didn’t want us.

At age 9 we were introduced to my family now. We had went for a visit to get adopted. One day on that visit my mother got a phone call asking if she wanted to adopt us. At that time we were in the pool swimming, being kids. She came out and told us she was happy to announce we would become an Ebrecht. So, at that time we stayed the weekend and then went back to our foster parents at that time, packed our stuff, and said our goodbyes.

Ages 8-9 My sister and I, after 6 months of being with our family were brought to court to become officially an Ebrecht. I’ll never forget the day we all had smiles, it was a day we dreaded would never become a reality, as a kid in the spot we were in, you really didn’t know what to expect. It was a blessing.

So from 9-11 everything was smooth and solid. We were one happy family adopted into a family of 12. It was truly a blessing.

Eventually things got worse for me, at age 12. I grew up with a lot of anger, and started stealing anything, and fighting anyone. I had got suspended 3 times from school, eventually getting expelled. DHS got involved again, I ended up getting locked up. I was sent to a place called Rabiners. I would end up going to the day program. Eventually around age 13-14 graduated from the program and went back home.

 Age 14 I eventually got locked up a few months after I got out, because I went back to my old habits. I was sent back to Rabiners, this time I had only had to go to school there. I was eventually released, then sent back a few months later, to live on campus. About 4 months or so after that, I was then released, enrolled at new school. I was then sent to a shelter place.

Ages 15-16 I was in shelter for a long time. I had beaten up one of the staff members at one time, and the police were called. I was then sent to the youth detention center. After a few months the Y.S.S. shelter had accepted me back, I lived there for awhile, eventually being sent back home.

At age 16 I was locked up again in Four Oaks. I spent a while there for the same habits, stealing and fighting. I was also forced to try and write a forgiveness letter to the guy who had assaulted  my sister, and I. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t come to terms with it. Eventually getting out after my brother came back from Afghanistan. I then, went back to public school.

Age 16-17  a few months after Christmas, I had gotten in to a fist fight with my dad, then busting a window in my room, also carving the words “Fuck You” all over my arms and legs. I got to school, not knowing my probation officer was there, waiting for me. I had it covered up, but eventually he found out. I was sent to a place called Bremwood.

From ages 17-18 I’d live in Bremwood. I had gone through a really bad time. I’d fight every kid, every staff member I could think of. One day, my buddy and I were wrestling around which was prohibited. I ended up getting yelled at by a staff member. My buddy walked away, but I said nah fuck this, picking this dude up, slamming him down at same time, telling him we were just playing around, dumbass. Few minutes later cops showed up. I ended up following their orders. At that point, I thought for sure my life was gonna change, assuming I was going to jail no doubt. Fortunately for me, he decided not to press charges and so I came back, then  aging out of the system.

Ages 18-19 I went through a curious time, seeking out to find my birth parents. I had to know what happened to me, so I went out to find the truth. I ended up meeting both my parents, finding out, I had 4 other brothers and sisters. They were later taken away for the same reason my sister and I, were. Around this time I ended up basically, homeless. Nowhere to go, basically finding what I needed. Eventually I ended up living with some elderly man I didn’t really know, for a few years. One day, him severely injured,  just up and left me in his house. The short version here, is he ended up calling the cops having me removed from his place, I was basically just living under very poor conditions.

Ages 19-20 I started competing in MMA. I had contacted a promoter in the area. I was with a few friends at some college party and was like, you know I hear about these guys doing it (MMA) so I said, why not. I ended up getting a fight after basically telling the promoter his guys’ sucked, that I could beat anyone of them, in any weight class. Told him his champs were garbage and a bunch of other of bs. He then, offered me a fight after asking me if I had any experience. I ended up fighting this guy named Billy. I remember getting slammed so hard, I was like “what the fuck did I sign up for” however ended up going into second round, ultimately losing due to a choke.

Ages 20-21  Still living in same area where I was just living house to house, or  anywhere I could. I ended up fighting more often. I would end up losing 3 fights in a row, then being offered to fight for MIdwest Cage Championship, a televised fight. I won my first fight against the guy who held the flag (National Anthem) in 1 minute by full mount, guillotine choke. At that point, I realized I loved this sport. Around that time period, I started lifting weights, gaining more muscle.

Ages 21-24 I  moved back to my adopted parents house, trying to rebuild my life. I had kept fighting and eventually creating the nickname “TheIronOutlaw”. This nickname came about from my middle name being James, like the Outlaw Jesse James.  I lifted a lot of weights which brought up “Iron.” With those combined “TheIronOutlaw” was formed. I’d go on to win fights and lose fights. I would fight anyone, at any weight, most the time fighting 10 times a year. I’d train myself for the majority of my career. In this time I had also gotten engaged to a girl. This wasn’t the smartest decision I ever made, but one that made me realize more about life and dating. I’ve been used, and cheated on a lot. Been told how great of a person I am, how attractive I am only to later be played or used for a few weeks or months. Anyways I ended up leaving this person, then experiencing depression badly, as a result

Age 25 I still compete and enjoy this sport very much. I’ve won a few titles this year and have created a better image of myself. I’ve also been helping coach Special Olympics for few years, now. I’ve never been to jail or committed a crime. I’ve made poor decisions absolutely, but who doesn’t. I’m finally at a spot where I struggle mentally, but continue to grow and learn.

So my conclusion of this short story is we all have rough lives. I didn’t write half the shit I went through as a kid, because I’d never wish upon anyone. What happened to me, those things I just can’t share yet. What I can say is that, we as people all struggle in our own ways. I’ve battled depression for many years but still strive for greatness in life. While many people thought I would end up in prison, I knew I wasn’t a bad kid, I just went through some bad times. Ive been used, cheated on, I have been called false names, I have been hurt many times, I have cried myself to sleep some days. I still have an odd habit of having to rock myself to sleep. Never judge anyone, because you just never know what some people have been through. The short version of my point here, is that we all go through things in life but-how we let it define us is ultimately, what matters. We all battle with mental and physical problems everyday. The thing is we all handle things differently. Some people push people away, some vocalize it, some can’t talk about it.  For me it’s made me who I am today. I hope to one day, be able to inspire other people to never give up, to keep fighting because there’s so much more to life. If i went to prison or jail, I would have let those who didn’t believe in me, win but I knew I wasn’t a bad person.

I hope to shed some light, to hopefully get people to understand life for what it is. We have 2 choices in life. We can live in the past, then to let it define who we have become, or we can live to the future, to become anything we desire. We as people will fail countless times, that doesn’t mean we have to let it define who we are. If we let the people who wanna see us fail, win well then you’re still living in the past. If you believe you’re better than what people thought/think of you, then use that as fuel for yourself to become something. We will fail, we will fall, we will rise. It’s part of life. To be successful you have to be destroyed, then take it to use it as fuel. Not everyone is handed shit in life.  Those who are, well look at where they are at now. Most of them are snotty brats and dont think their shit stinks. Then there’s people like me who had to learn the hard way. While I’m not perfect, I still strive to be better. Relationships/Friendships have lost its morals and loyalty, because people think they’re too good for others, or simply just been babied their whole lives. Other reasons are because some people just like to be hoes, then some just like living in highschool/college still. I’m not here to judge anyone, but the reason why marriages, friendships, even relationships don’t last is because people aren’t committed like they used to be back in the 60s-80s. Loyalty in friends and partners should be mutual but it’s just not common anymore. Everyone is so afraid to talk in person because it’s so easy to talk over a phone or social media. Kids these days live on that shit, so do adults.

To finalize, I wanna say this. We can look at life for what it is or what it can be. Ultimately we as people have to decide what we want in life and draw our picture. We get everyday to try and recreate something because we all will fail a lot in life.  How we let it define us, is ultimately how we get remembered. Nobody is promised tomorrow, so simply don’t be afraid to say hi or smile to someone because little gestures like that can change someone’s whole day or life. Dont be afraid to fail but also don’t be afraid to take risks in life and make sure you’ve thought everything through. There are people out there who have had it worse. No matter how bad life can be never forget you are what you seek out to be. Simply don’t be afraid to let people know how you truly feel because if we don’t, well then we just simply, may never be satisfied in life.  Share your thoughts and let it be known. Hiding is only gonna build in time, eventually you’ll wish you told someone how you truly felt and one day it might just be to late. I’m not saying share your life story but simply don’t be afraid to say, hey. At the end of the day not everyone will accept us for who we are, but that’s the beauty of life. It’s also ok because not everyone is meant to be in your life, either. Once someone has lost your trust and loyalty it’s hard to get it back and vise versa. Make sure in everything you’re doing in life, that you are doing them for the right reasons. Don’t be afraid to just be yourself.

Thank you to anyone whos read this and to anyone ive helped or even inspired to keep going always remember this that no matter what happens in life, if we aren’t happy with ourselves, we can’t let others be happy, with us. Always make sure you’re doing what’s truly best for you and life will eventually figure itself out. Maybe not overnight, maybe not in a few years, but in time it will. A simple hey in life can be the difference. Godbless and stay true to yourselves.

                                                          -Jessy Ebrect


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