The Keto Diet for Fighters: Main Pros & Cons

It takes a lot of hard work and endurance to reach the level of the physique that generally all athletes possess. Come to think of it, how do these fighters take all that beating and still keep going? Probably, it’s something in them. First and foremost, he/she ought to do proper training to qualify for entering that ring. Exercise is not only a vital necessity for great health but also plays a major role in the ketogenic lifestyle. The keto diet alone cannot be of significant impact, and supplements like the keto protein powder are necessary to cover the loopholes.

Keto Diet Explained

An addict to exercise on the keto diet is likely to improve his/her cardiovascular health, strengthen bones, build lean body mass, and have a very positive impact on mental health. Combining the keto diet and exercise plan is advisable, especially when aiming to avoid cases of “keto flu” symptoms.

Whoa, that round was intense!

Breakdown of Different Exercises

Before we can go any further, we need to understand the different types of exercises that are usually done. Moreover, nutritional needs differ depending on the activity that is being performed. There are four types of exercises:

  1. Aerobic – these are exercises that are of long duration with low intensity and require fat burning. Most of them are weight loss programs. Examples include cardio.
  2. Anaerobic – these are exercises that take a short duration of time, mostly around 30 minutes maximum, but require very high intensity and burn carbs. Examples include CrossFit, weight lifting, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT).
  3. Flexibility –these require stretching, supporting soft-tissue, and an increased range of motion. An example is yoga.
  4. Stability – they support body alignment, body control, and improve balance. Examples: core training and balance.

Now we understand that low-intensity workouts make fat their primary energy source while high-intensity ones use carbs as energy. So, what do fighters do?

Understanding What Fighting Requires

Muay Thai is a form of martial arts that incorporates intermittent aerobics and alactic training. The main aspects are explosive actions when striking your opponent and defending yourself against strikes. The plan is to explode then buy time around your opponent for you to recharge before making your next move.

Boxing, on the other hand, is not that different. The objective is to knock out your competitor to ensure he or she stays down until the tenth count. Another option is to punch your opponent, especially with body jabs and uppercuts, to score points.

Powerful right hand! I’m winning this bout!

Wrestling is a combat sport that involves different grappling techniques like throws, takedowns, clinches, pins, and submissions. The idea is for either of the competitors to attempt to gain a superior position and maintain it.

All fighting athletes are determined to advance their adrenaline throughout the time they are in their matches to achieve victory.

Keto Diet Effect on Fighters

To save you all the scientific terminologies and explanations, in layman’s terms, fats are compared to stored frozen food. For it to be consumed, it has to be thawed out and cooked properly before eaten. It takes time for fats to provide the body with the required energy for short and fast activities. Carbs are matched with ready-made food that is directly consumed and provides the body with energy almost immediately.

What are the keto diet results men or women achieve while working out? For a keto dieter, you have to ensure that you stick to your regime but still get that fast-needed energy. The idea of the targeted ketogenic diet is very interesting. Unlike the standard keto diet, where you stick to 20-50 grams of carbs intake in a day, you follow that rule but opt for different timing and portions. Ever wondered what to eat before workout on keto diet?

In this case, one would require a keto diet calculator to be able to balance the carbs and still achieve the amount needed for ketosis. You will consume 15-25 grams of carbs 30 minutes before training as your keto diet pre-workout meal and later on another equal portion 30 minutes after as a post work out snack. This will ensure proper provision of the right amount of glycogen to perform during training and in the fight as well. Sticking to the time enables a fighter to use carbs specifically for this sole purpose without being kicked out of the state of ketosis.

Wow! All the goodies in a single photo

Conclusion: Whenever someone decides on a path to take, they will find their way around to ensure success is realized. Considering all the benefits keto dieting has brought, it is only fair to give it some extra credit. It’s exciting to know, are you a fighter? Do you know one personally? Are you/they on a keto diet? How do you/they feel about it? Leave a comment!

Author’s Bio: Adam Reeve is a retired MMA fighter former titleholder, combat coach, and owner of a martial arts gym. He has witnessed the positive changes that his students have undergone after adapting to the keto diet while still doing professional fighting. 


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