KJ Kordick, the most powerful woman in kickboxing is the “IT” girl as WAKO USA Media has helped the United States Kickboxing team catapult into the forefront of social media. As a result, it has given voice to the athletes and the organization has grown at an extremely fast pace, since opening her own media division. Branding herself as the face of WAKO USA, Joe Lewis Fighting Systems, Whiskey and Barrel NIght, Warrior Games, Global Championship Circuit, and Ultra Music Festival, catching the eye of and hired by the most respected producer and CEO of Action Martial Arts Magazine. Now taking on work directly from Goldberg, himself, to promote his 20th anniversary, mega event. Her brand on the promotional side of things have taken cross-promoting to a new level, by promoting with Jimmie Page and the Ultra Music Festival. Kordick said she was, “very proud of her work with Oprah Winfrey, guest Medical Hypnotherapist Ryan Elliot in collaboration with head of WAKO Team USA Kickboxing’s Rob Zbilski” (to produce a series of hypnosis DVD’s to shape the fighters mind for combat have just been released). For more info or to order/download you can email Ryan Elliot at [email protected]. Recently Kordick was recognized as a International Olympic Committee correspondent for WAKO Team USA kickboxing for the World Games in Birmingham, Alabama in 2021. Kordick will be working with NBC Sports Jordan Jay Adams, also FiteTV for future events. Although, Kordick will be under a different production crew for ‘Kickin It With KJ’, her work with Tribe 3 Productions hasn’t slowed down, recently interviewing rap mega star Coolio and sons. Kordick will fit Tribe 3 Productions into her schedule in between filming (Kickin It With KJ) of her show.


Formally a junior Olympic basketball star, Kordick eventually found her way into television as a third-generation in media. Her father worked for Fox television and her grandfather was an award-winning White Sox and Presidential photographer. Now a commentator for “The Warrior Games” (PPV), Kordick has a huge pay-per-view fanbase. In the near future, Kordic will be an I.O.C recognized just recently, she won FightBook’s 2018 color commentator of the year and continues to build momentum into the new year. When FightBookMMA sat down to get Kordick’s perspective, this is what she shared, “You know, I guess I’m the brand in a way. My main focus is building WAKO USA kickboxing, but anyone on the KJ A-Team are people I pick to grow with me…like myself and others I care about. That magazine (Action Martial Arts magazine) was the most famous of all martial arts magazines.”

From time to time she has been known to use bodyguard, former professional boxer, Edward Oaktree. Oaktree, you might remember, broke Mike Tyson’s ribs many years back. KJ most recently covered the March 23rd, 2019 Warrior Games in Ashland, Wisconsin on PPV, recently signing to commentate for her 3rd  ‘Warrior Games’  and is signed for the next ‘Warrior Games’ PPV as well.. Kordick, retiring several years ago from reality television, returned to television three years ago. During the time of her retirement, she got big into Yoga at a point, working with a master Yoga teacher Felicia Schmid, selling out four events.

FightBook MMA reached out to Alan Goldberg, founder and CEO of Action Martial Arts magazine, martial arts instructor, actor, and producer to get his perspective on his new hire, KJ Kordick, how things got started, and what we can expect from her within his organization.

Goldberg: “Originally I got a call from the Joe Lewis Foundation and they told me they had joined with WAKO USA, who, I myself was involved with many years ago. We get a couple thousand people that come to my event every year, from all walks of life. Then, KJ had called me, she started telling me she felt that she had a good place of where she was going and what they were doing. Then we met at my event, it’s gotta be two months ago now. She started telling me about what they were doing. I saw she had a lot of compassion, and a lot of energy for what she was looking to do and for the fighters, we just kept talking.  She called me after the event and said, “I’d love to try to help you with social media, or whatever.” I usually don’t take people from the outside, especially if I don’t know them. But, I felt she had enough energy in what she was doing, and again, compassion, so I gave her a shot. So far, she has been doing good for me and we’re looking to increase what we are doing. I’m involved on many ends in the martial arts world as a publisher and promoter. Besides just being a publisher and promoter, I am involved with some of the movie industry now. I got a call today that concretes me more from a funding company, (Friday signing a deal to produce 5 new movies, with KJ working directly under him on those future projects). I am going to use her to the best of her abilities. To get it out there, ya know. She’s my social media guru, if you want to say.” When correspondent Cameron Chrisp asked more about KJ’s specific roles, Goldberg went on,

“Well basically I do one event a year. Now that doesn’t mean she won’t be working with me, of course, the follow-up to my event is what it’s all about. That’s what she’s working on, on social media. She’ll be doing commercials for me, putting the word out, and things like that. My times and dates, things like that. We’re happy to have her aboard.”

Several years ago, Action Martial Arts Magazine was discontinued. Goldberg went on to explain

“We’ve been in existence for thirty years, at around twenty-five years I said, ‘I’ve had it’. We were putting this magazine out for free, I was doing all the work myself. After eighty-three issues, I put out, it became my vehicle to other opportunities. I mean, everyone knows me from my magazine. It has opened a tremendous amount of doors. I put the magazine to bed about three and a half years ago and that was it. I made a commitment to three different gentlemen that I would put them on my cover. I felt terrible that I didn’t make that commitment come true. After a while I began looking for partners to do most of the work, honestly. I brought on a couple of guys who couldn’t get the first page done after waiting two and a half years. I was shaking my head the entire time. I was ready to do it myself, all over again, as much as I hated to do it. A gentleman at one of my events said, ‘hey, let’s see if we can do it together.’ So we opened a re-launch issue, the beginning of 2019. We’ve made a few thousand issues and we are ready to do this thing all over again. What I’ve found is that people want magazines again, regardless of the internet. When I go to the bathroom, I want to take a magazine with me. We have the magazine published and are awaiting our shipment that’s coming from China right now, it’s on the water.”

When Chrisp inquired how readers can get a copy, Goldberg informed us, “Well, they can get a hold of me on Facebook, the phone or email at [email protected]. Goldberg as of yesterday just signed a deal to produce new 5 movies. When questioned further about his new hire, “The Storm”, KJ Kordick, he went on to add, “She definitely is force to reckin with in the industry and I think she’s gonna do great out there.”

After Goldberg, Chrisp spoke with techno-DJ star Jimmie Page, of the Ultra Music Festival, to inquire more about Kordick working with Ultra.  “Ultra is the largest music festival in the world, that’s held at the end of March but now it has taken on its own entity. 3.5 million DJs try to get into the festival each year. Each year, they chose only 225 artists. I can’t even explain the emotions of getting chosen and this is my 16th year in a row performing at Ultra. I am blessed in many ways and honored. It’s the biggest artists in the world, right there, it’s amazing. They are doing it all over the world (Ultra) but Miami is the main show. Artists in techno are now getting Grammy’s. This show is sold out and these tickets are no less than $500 per person, and it’s sold out. With KJ, they are doing the same thing. They (WAKO USA) are jumping into all of these places and putting on all of these events. Fighting events, you couldn’t find a bigger fan than me. So I asked (WAKO USA) what do you guys do after? They said, “Well, we have a party.” You have a party? Well let’s have a real one!” Then adds, “Their (WAKO USA- Stars and Stripes show last year won the Best Event Award at the Miller Theatre 2018). So kudos to Rob Zbilski, Mark and KJ. It’s a good place to meet people, you’re not in fight mode. It’s a really good thing what they are doing. All of the Olympic competitions have these events after their contest/trials. I know they are doing them (post-event activities/performances) because I know the guys who are performing at them. I think what we are doing here is a very big element, Ultra is known worldwide.”

When asked how everything got started between him, WAKO USA, Kordick and Ultra, here is what he shared, “I met KJ at an event. It was a party in Chicago. It was a reunion party. Chicago is the first place I ever DJ’d. So I had got into a conversation with Kordick and she tired to get me in an event. It was the Augusta, Georgia event, ‘Stars and Stripes’ a year ago. But it was just too late. I think I had already been booked for that particular weekend of ‘Stars and Stripes’ at the Miller.. We contacted each other again and it just began from there. We started planning with the same gig in Augusta, Georgia. Then, oh my God, it looks like it’s gonna spawn into a pretty big deal, ya know. The United States team, at Thriller in the Miller this year, is a pretty big deal. It’s a little bit different, starting out ya know. It’s the first one, and you get those butterflies, ya know, new city, never been in that city. So many opportunities stem from these moments. It creates the excitement I have now. I’m really excited! Then ya know, KJ, uh…she’s a go-getter! When Chrisp asked Page for his perspective on this big opportunity with WAKO USA and Kordick, he informed us.

“It goes both ways. I’m very excited to be working with her and it’s probably the same from her. She is hooked up with Ultra, she will be working the Miami show at the end of March 2019, she will be filing in for my show which is exciting, to say the least. Our future is super bright! There are things in the works that we can’t talk about or jinx, of course. I know they are working on **** *****, that is one I know that gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.  She is doing things to help me reach different audiences, and touch different people. Now there is no way on God’s green Earth that I could keep up with her (Kordick). It’s an hour conversation when I call her. Then I say, ‘Oh my God’ to myself, once I get off the phone. She is a great person and her drive is second to none. KJ tells you how it is. Good or bad. She is going to accomplish the majority of her goals. It’s just a great vision, what’s going on right now..”

“My show has been picked up with funding and is in production under the name, “Kickin it with KJ” and will be released at a later date as production begins.” – KJ Kordick