The National Wrestling Alliance Welcomes The Nature Boy Ric Flair Back For A Historic Night In NWA 73

In a heralded proclamation yesterday via social media, The National Wrestling Alliance has announced that Ric Flair, the most decorated professional wrestling champion of all-time, and certainly the NWA’s greatest legend, will return for the promotion’s 73rd anniversary show on August 29th in St. Louis; from the historic Chase. Which has been widely noted has not held a professional wrestling event in 37 years. 

‘The timing is of course fortuitous,” says NWA President William Patrick Corgan, “in that we could arrange for Mr. Flair to be with us on this incredible weekend. To have the greatest of wrestling champions step through our ropes, returning home as it were to the NWA, and at the Chase of all places, will be an incredible moment that fans won’t want to miss. And this dovetails with the fact that the evening before, during our groundbreaking event NWA EMPOWERRR, Mildred Burke’s championship belt will be present for the NWA World Women’s Championship match between Kamille and AEW’S Leyla Hirsch; uniting eras as it were from past to present to future.”

“When Billy first showed me the Mildred Burke championship I was in awe and all I could say was “How?,” says wrestling superstar Mickie James, and executive producer of NWA EMPOWERRR. “I’m sitting there looking at The Oldest Womens Championship in the History of our business. A title and a legacy that had sadly been “forgotten” and written out of history, yet here it is. I don’t think a lot of people understand the importance or even the significance of acquiring this Championship. To not only acknowledge, but breathe new life into the real legacy the true mother of women’s wrestling: Mildred Burke. A woman who was main-eventing shows in the 40s, far before a hashtag or there was talk of a glass ceiling. To think about how far we’ve come, how much we’ve done along the way, and it all began with her. It’s only right that she finally takes her place along the legends and the greats that built the foundation of generations to come.”

So fans, join us on PPV on Fite August 28th for NWA EMPOWERRR, and August 29th for NWA 73. Two historic and back-to-back, live and worldwide events from the Chase in St. Louis. Bell time is 8 EST, 7 CST, with our pre-show live at 6:30.

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