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Paddy Pimblett is something promoters usually look at regarding potential star power. A talented
individual with a colorful personality that has made waves in the world of mixed martial arts, many have predicted that Pimblett is on his way to becoming UFC’s next breakout fighter. As he’s on a four-fight winning streak, in which two victories came from UFC bouts, the 27-year-old Englishman has racked up an impressive record of eighteen wins and three losses.

And although he’s only had two fights thus far in the UFC, it’s astonishing, to say the least, that
he’s been able to make the type of waves for someone who’s only had two fights in the promotion.

Although Pimblett is nowhere near getting a title shot soon, one must brace themselves for the
upcoming hype of such a charismatic fighter. Someone like Pimblett, who’s already known for
his flamboyant personality, is someone the UFC would take the time to promote as a big deal. Pimblett can arguably be marketable for the UFC regarding their focus on star power and reaching out to fans globally. Much like McGregor and Khabib, Pimblett’s an international fighter that could generate waves in the United States and his home country of England.

One could look at Khabib, for instance, as an example considering the appeal he had with his massive Russian and Muslim fanbase around the world. Having that certain appeal generates box-office dollars, and Pimblett could very well be that next international fighter to bring in those
very box-office dollars.

However, it’s worth noting that Pimblett is still a long way ahead before receiving any fights with
a top Welterweight contender. A bout with a top contender that’d put him over as a big deal if he
were to win.

Because of this, he must continue the success he’s having at the moment and ride off his momentum, especially considering it revolves around the hype he’s been getting recently.


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