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Cory “the PROJEKT” Simpson, 5 fights back from a 4 year hiatus made it his 5th straight spectacular finish, in Ascendancy Fighting Championship 17 at Hy Vee Hall in Des Moines, Iowa. Cory, a crowd favorite for years took on the rugged Bob “ White Trash” Gilmore with Simpson ending the challenge early in the 2nd round by TKO ref stoppage, proving he’s not playing around anymore.

Gilmore in his pro debut looked wicked in defeat. “White Trash” welcomed Simpson to the cage, in his own special way, for which he made it known he was ready to Rock n Roll with the consistent knockout artist in Simpson. Simpson not impressed, appeared it was just business as usual, as I could feel some tension grow. Maybe it was just my own, knowing however this thing would play out and end, it would result in “Awesome.” Again, I was correct. As the bout come underway, Gilmore came out head strong and firing a arsenal of strikes, with his movement and style looking bleak for Simpson, leaving Simpson looking unsure, as he struggled to find his rhythm and range, throughout the entire 1st round not able to really get anything substantial going. Gilmore I had winning the 1st round, as Simpson seemed to get off to a slow start. Now it’s the end of round 1, but Simpson is going back his corner to get things straightened out, by his coach which ultimately would spell disaster for Gilmore. In a complete annihilation of Gilmore in the 2nd rd Simpson, no longer hesitant, and now, fully committed to his punches, battered and stunned the experienced Gilmore, then the key to victory was Simpson landing a kick to the body of Gilmore, sent the great wrestler to the canvas in agony, where Simpson hit the throttle. Now on top of the almost defenseless Gilmore, Simpson found a home for many punches and elbows right between Gilmores hands, like a machine gun, Gilmore quickly bleeding. As Gilmore got to his feet blood streamed down his forehead and face as he attempted to take a moment to clear his head. It was such an awesome display of brute force, timing and correction by Simpson I was thoroughly, and completely impressed with this new 5 straight TKO’s Cory Simpson. I was shocked, and in awe of how well Simpson adjusted from the previous round. I asked Simpson what exactly did his cornerman/coach instructed him to do between rounds?

SIMPSON​: “In between rounds Josh told me to keep my distance but push the pace, make sure to check his kicks, and throw more than one punch counters right away. He said the 1st round was probably close. So, in my mind I had to end it.”

Though a L for Gilmore, I can’t help but think both men won tonight. Just in different ways. I know me for one, was definitely converted to a Gilmore fan just by his demeanor, and unique fighting style, I found almost like hypnotizing eye candy, in his awesomeness. Then it was Simpsons turn, ending it, with some of his own brilliance.

At one point Simpson mentioned he wanted a title shot somewhere, next. I couldn’t argue.

Fast Fact​: Simpson started fighting NHB at 16, at the infamous Toad Holler. A well known rough night club, in the early years of Simpsons fighting days was then, called “no holds barred” (before MMA) which basically meant “not as many rules, as todays MMA.” There, Simpson accumulated a 26-0 record , before it was shut down. UFC Champions such as Sean Sherk, one of many, fought there before their UFC careers began, in that very same ring/location as Simpson. Rumor had it that Simpson was not honest about his age, so he could get in, and compete against the men.

SIMPSON​: “Thanks to Josh Neer and Gilmore for Good fight. I can’t wait for them to line the next MF up, so I can knock em down!”

FightbookMMA reached out to get comment from the onry, Gilmore.

GILMORE:​ “I’m upset, I lost. more so that everyone is so proud of me for……..losing, gracefully I guess. I had all intent to make this fight a wrestling match, drag it to the ground and use my jui jitsu to gain victory……then he punched me, and I fell in love with the fight. Definitely the heaviest punches I’ve ever felt, but instead of pushing me more towards that ground game, that power made me want to stand more. See, if I could take it ya know. I had a fun time tho! Learned a lot and can’t wait to get back in there. My hats off to Corey. He’s a tough cat. I’m glad we got to share the cage together.”

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